Cuffed on Castle: Promo & Sneak Peek

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Castle is about to get both kinky and confusing.

On Monday's new episode of this ABC hit, Castle and Beckett will wake up with multiple reasons to be surprised: they are in a locked room, and they are handcuffed together. What the?!? Their thoughts exactly.

We've posted the official preview for the aptly-titled "Cuffed" below, along with a sneak peek at the duo's reaction when they awaken to this odd situation:

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Love the show..LOVE TDHE CHARACTERS, BUT YOUR GONNA LOSE YOUR FANS. yOU'VE GOT A APHA MALE AND FEMALE,in the prime of their lives, and that look like them, and they hold off on the most basic of human needs? That is what i find tacky about this show. It is so unrealistic THAT SOMONE WHO IS NOT AFRAID TO SHOT OR BE SHOT WOULD HOLD OFF ON A RELATIONSHIP WITH CASTLE. YOUR GONNA LOSE YOUR FANS...


It is Finally here!can't wait... the look on kates face when she opens her eyes yes! and Castle comment on his cell phone priceless.... can't wait!


Hahahaha :) Loved it... love how Castle didn't even get disturbed for the first few seconds about the cuffs, he was "mmm kinky" and waking up next to Kate didn't even phase him....
Rick's mind went right to sex with Kate lol obviously he's had time to think about it !!
Be interesting to see the whole ep but afraid it can only go downhill from here.. In the shipper sense I mean.


She definitively has her eyes open :)


I can't tell if her eyes are open or closed when she's smiling... And Nathan kinda looks like the old Captain Tightpants when he's asleep there.

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