Extended Revenge Sneak Peek: The Opening Minutes of "Duress"

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Thank you, ABC!

The fine people at that network have gifted Revenge fans with a belated Christmas surprise: the first 10 minutes of next week's winter premiere, "Duress."

Now - as teased in the official preview for the episode - viewers can see exactly at who Tyler is aiming a gun, while they also watch Emily make up with Nolan and Daniel play some kind of game with his parents. Sit back, watch now and let the sliminess of Tyler ooze through your screen...

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Revenge is the most awesomest new show of 2011-2012!


I guessed earlier that it would be Emily who stole the show, but I guess Tyler is trying to overstep her now. We'll see....still think she's up to the challenge! Awesome show!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

YES, YES, YES Nolan and Emily making up and sorting out their differences... YESS Also, Devious emily is devious. Please...never change. Revenge is the awesomest thing to happen to tv this year.


Tyler's gone totally off his rocker. The 4th of January cannot come any sooner.


it says only available in America .. but it's watch-able on youtube too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


Doh i'm in the USA, can't watch the 9min start DOH DOH DOH!!!!!


Gonna be good. That Tyler is crazy. Of all the people emily has to worry about Tyler takes the cake. This show really leaves you wanting more and more. I bet the producers didn't expect such a fan base of followers. Happy New year to all my fellow revengies.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Please call Emily and see if you can lend her your severely overqualified hand.


When duress is applied to the emotionally unstable the result can be as violent as it is unpredictable.