Grey's Anatomy Return Promo: You Haven't Told Her?

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Grey's Anatomy returns a week from Thursday with an all-new episode, and the emotional stakes will be raised once again with Teddy still in the dark about Henry. Who will tell her and when? How will she react?

Meanwhile, the body count may be rising as a severe car crash involving an entire family results in an all-hands-on-deck situation in the ER, leaving the eldest daughter to make the toughest decision of her life.

Lexie finds herself working alongside Mark's new girlfriend, Julia, during an eye surgery, setting up exchanges that should be awkward to say the least (see our photo gallery for images of Mark and his new love).

As Teddy calls upon Cristina to help with her patient in the O.R., one wonders if she will learn about her husband's tragic demise under the worst possible circumstances. You can almost feel the tension in the air.

How do you predict this will play out? Watch ABC's first promo for "Suddenly" and comment below:

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What about Mer and Alex? I am least interested in Teddy and Henry!


This used to be a great show! That changed when Isaiah Washington left and
Owen & Teddy arrived. The plot hasn't been the same since.


These comments are living proof that Grey's Anatomy is written for 12 year olds. Another stupid, juvenile plotline. This show needs to go off the air after it stumbles through this season.


i like grey's anatomy as much as the next person ... but having read the above posts ... its not real folks! ... get a life!!


There is so much more to Henry dying other than he is on another show. The cast is FULL. It's been full since the end of season 6 when they killed off two Mercy Westers. That means no major love storylines for Alex, Bailey or Teddy. The best they can do is roles like Henry until a spot opens up in the cast. Owen will not make Cristina tell Teddy. He will most likely instruct Cristina not to say anything, though, which is almost as cruel as having her tell her. I've been on both sides of the fence with the not telling Cristina who she was operating on. It helps when she has to put a face and a name to the patient, but in this instance, because it is the loved one of someone she cares about, it could've gone either way. Would she have been rushing through the surgery if she had known it was Henry? Most likely not. But would she have even been able to operate if she had known it was Henry? Or, how about, does it even matter whether Cristina knows or doesn't know ... meaning, would he have survived if he had had a different surgeon or was he on borrowed time due to his tumor condition and diabetes? For those of you McBaby lovers, my guess is Derek is looking at the eldest daughter making the tough decision that is referenced. Or watching Meredith with the eldest daughter.


How long can Hunt avoid telling Altman, is she gonna start another operation and still not know of her hubby's demise. Can't believe he's gonna let Cristina take responsiblity for something he should do.
I'm sure Zola is gonna be with MerDer at the end of this episode, otherwise why would there be a photot of Der looking at something like that??


I actually pity no one at all other than Cristina and Teddy, as Cristina didn't even know who she was operating on and that Teddy doesn't know her husband is dead.


Owen as Chief of Surgery decided not to tell Teddy her husband had died, Owen as Teddy's best friend wanted to tell her all the time, it was Richard who told Owen not to do it, Teddy was in surgery fixing the lady with the screws in her heart from a surgery performed by Jackson while Callie was reading a magazine. Owen will blame himself for not telling Teddy sooner. Cristina will be to blame too since she was the one performing the surgery. I am guessing at these outcomes because I want to watch the new episode minus any influence from any promos. This is all from watching the episode that Henry died in. You don't see the scene but Derek walks up while Owen is on the phone, you don't know what Derek said to Owen, because Owen still didn't tell Teddy that Henry died. Owen had about 3 different opportunities to tell Teddy and he didn't. Can't wait one more week. woo woo.


Looks good! Excited for the return, glad it's just around the corner!


i don't think owen's sending cristina in to tell teddy, i think he's sending her in to help teddy, and is instructing her not to tell teddy. which is ridiculous, considering that cristinas just effectively killed teddy's husband. feeling that this might break owen and cristina, who were kind of boring me anyway

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