Misha Collins: Returning to Supernatural!

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Misha Collins is on his way back to Supernatural.

A spokesman for Warner Bros. has confirmed that the man behind the sexiest sidekick on television will guest star on the 17th episode of this season, along with "at least two additional" installments beyond that. But there's a twist.

He might not be playing Castiel.

Castiel vs. Death

“It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form,” executive producer Sera Gamble said after the character departed earlier this season. “We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.”

Supernatural returns with new episodes on January 6, while Collins will actually show up elsewhere on The CW in early 2012: look for him to guest star on an episode of Ringer.

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Princess should have a pair of bhirgt and intelligent eyes; finely arched eyebrows; high stand of bridge of nose; rose petal of lips; apple of cheeks; there are many beautiful skirts in her closet; and has many dancing slippers; have reads a lot of books; quite cultivated and supremely gifted; has a kind heart and love and protect little animals. That's real princess, but I believe that every ordinary girl can become a princess.


Yes Bobby is coming back as a ghost he helped the boy's with amazon case last episode. And Cass is coming back to face the leviathans some way so how i mean they were in him. Please bring back Crowely. They have to make better episodes then what they been putting out.Just hoping for some better battle's soon.


You NEED to bring both Bobby and Cass back, preferably in the same bodies and faces. I am watching the past seasons as well as keeping up with Friday nights currently, and nothing, nothing beats the past seasons shows with Bobby and Cass with the brothers. Please bring them back. This 55-year old female watches this show every Friday evening at 9 p.m. Please, oh, pretty please bring them back.
Thank you and blessings


I've read spoilers that say that Castiel will return for about 3 episodes and I'm happy about that, but Bobby was faced with the reaper and the episode stopped before his answer... The first episode after, Dean's beer mysteriously was empty... I think Bobby is going to come back as a ghost, unfortunate, but a return nevertheless... I do worry that this is the last season, but after the awards, the producers might re-think it... The writers are creative enough to bring anyone back... I have hope...


Gotta admit, I haven't been watching faithfully like I use to. My favorite character was Castiel and I just don't enjoy it without him. It wasn't just the actor, it's the character. If Misha comes back as someone else, I'm done. Of course, I'd rather he came back as the angel he started as, innocent of human greed and corruption.


Just bring him back!!!! I love Misha!


I had read somewhere else, an idea that makes a bit of sense. Regarding Castiel's return. What if Dick is just the public relations side of the leviathans? And he answers to someone more powerful than he? I could see Castiel being that since I don't recall seeing his body after he went in the lake. Just his jacket. Thoughts?


What if they bring him back as he was before Castiel took over his body? Very possible. Therefore they wouldn't have Misha playing a "new" character. As for Dean and Castiel being best friends,,,I didn't get that impression at all. I think Dean despised Castiel. Deans attitude towards Castiel was always "what have you done for me lately." Castiel could never do enough to satisfy Dean. I immensely enjoyed the episode where Castiel finally got fed up with Dean and kicked the snot out of him.


After watching this show since its inception, it is clear to me that CW has no intention of renewing for another season...when they killed Bobby, that was the sign we were NOT going to be watching a 2012 to 2013 season of 'Supernatural'. IT is a Friday night staple in this house..no 'CSI:NY', no "Nikita'...at 9PM we switch to the local CW channel to watch an hour of television that showed that good ultimately wins over evil: ala "Buffy", "Angel" and "Charmed".
Bringing back Misha Collins as anyone (or thing) BUT Castiel is not going to cure what ails this show, which is the CW's targeted audience of 18 to 49 yr old females...they are NOT home on Friday nights but we boomers are!

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