Misha Collins: Returning to Supernatural!

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Misha Collins is on his way back to Supernatural.

A spokesman for Warner Bros. has confirmed that the man behind the sexiest sidekick on television will guest star on the 17th episode of this season, along with "at least two additional" installments beyond that. But there's a twist.

He might not be playing Castiel.

Castiel vs. Death

“It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form,” executive producer Sera Gamble said after the character departed earlier this season. “We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.”

Supernatural returns with new episodes on January 6, while Collins will actually show up elsewhere on The CW in early 2012: look for him to guest star on an episode of Ringer.

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I agree wholwheartedly with Linda, bring Bobby back.....bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby. I want Bobby back........ Joy


Glad to hear your coming back for a little while. I think your character is an integeral part of the show. I can't imagine what your character is going to come back as, since your demise was rather unpleasent, and it looked horiffic.


Sera Gamble told us in an interview months ago that Misha Collins would be returning so no one has "wised up". However, no one said he would be returning as Castiel he could be returning as Jimmy Novak or as a Leviathan clone or some other character all together. But Castiel has a lot to make up to Sam too not just Dean. He claimed that he only needed the weapons of heaven to win the war against Raphael but then he made a dirty deal with Crowely over the souls in Purgatory which released the Leviathans which shot Bobby and killed innocent people. It was also Cas who broke Sam's wall, and killed Balthazar. How is this not evil?


Glad to hear your coming back. I think your character is an integral part of the Supernatural cast.


like for him to come back-all together is great-


Probably be something like Jimmy's twin brother.


I agree, I was really pleased when I heard Misha was returning to the show because I thought it would give Cas and Dean a chance to resolve their differences. That`s not to say I think they will be BFF`s again,(don`t think that will ever happen)but most of the emotional problems Dean has had this season have been down to losing Cas and the effects of dealing with his betrayal. If Cas came back Dean might at least get some closure and be able to move on. Don`t really see the point of bringing Misha back as someone new or how it will move the story forward.


I wouldn't care if they brought Castiel back, I thoroughly enjoyed him but if they are going to bring anyone back, I really think it should be Bobby.


Castiel served a redeeming purpose behind the malaise of slash/comedy.
For that matter...the Ghost Facers were some of the most delightful episodes with the brothers.
Castiel, represented a higher and more powerful way of being and thinking. While I enjoy Crowley immensely...please, lets get back to 'good being able to kick evil's ass! Or we have just another lower end of the swimming pool show.


Finally, the Powers that Be wised up and bring back Misha/Castiel. I am hoping that it is a different angle to Castiel. All of Misha's Minions may be watching Grimm until this news. Killing off Castiel and Bobby may not be the right direction for the show. Someone wised up.

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