Revenge Photo Preview: Under Duress...

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Daniel Grayson will celebrate his birthday when Revenge returns with its first episode of 2012 on January 4 - and the official ABC preview for "Duress" has already made it eerily clear: the dinner will not go as planned.

Look for Tyler to crash the party, while ABC also teases - via its recently-released synopsis - that Charlotte will be used as "a pain in Conrad and Victoria's bitter divorce battle," while "Emily watches her ultimate plan begin to unravel."

Click through a series of photos from the winter premiere now:

A Birthday Dinner Gone Wrong
Victoria and Fake Amanda
Friend vs. Friend
Revenge or True Love?
Declan and Conrad

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Also, in the first chapter daniel is alive also everyone in that table except the fake amanda. In the party (First chapter) man wear white and womans read, and nolan wear red so probably he's alredy saied that he is gay (maybe tayler too and thats because he kills himselve -how some people think- ) . Also in the party when victoria is talking, conrad is behind her with two glasses so maybe they don't breake up. And if Charlotte hates her mother why she is screaming MUM!!!! when she found the body. At last, Jack is a good man so why he killed daniel, first I thought it will be because daniel do something to the restaurant or maybe he find out fake emily's plan for revenge, and he want help her or just stop the wedding. But then appearse the fake amanda, and that daniel don't like her. So for me daniel do something with fake amanda and he take revenge. That's what I think, we will wait.


I think Daniel jumps infront of Amilys bullet and nearly dies. I'm sick of Tyler and admit I really love the character of Daniel. I have a feeling Victoria will spell a rat with Emanda, poor girl is dumber then dirt.....ah love this show


Tyler creates an interesting twist to the plot, but i'm sick of him.


I've had enough of Tyler but I'd like to see more faux Amanda. But whatever happens at the table, I'll be ready for it.


I read somewhere that they were reconsidering killing of Daniel because of how the audience has responded to his character. I think Victoria will pick up on the fake Amanda. I wonder how crazy Tyler is going to make his exit.


@Jcrv how did you figure ?


Does anybody find interisting that both Daniel and Emily were born in the summer?


I honestly believe that he'll kill himself. Majority of the characters (minus the faux Amanda) were at the engagement party. So if anyone dies, it'll be the real Emily Thorne or Tyler killing himself OR some expecting twist will be faux Amanda getting the gun and killing Tyler, meaning she'll most likely leave town because of it.


look closely to the gun used to kill Daniel in the first episode and the gun that freak is pointing in the promo, isn't the same gun ? and do you really believe they'll kill off Daniel in the middle of the season ? i personally don't think so

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