The Simpsons Review: Back to the Funny Future

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This week, The Simpsons returned to the future-verse it's created over the years with "Holidays of Future Passed."  No, there will never be another "Lisa’s Wedding," but that didn't stop the season 23 holiday special from being a fantastic edition to the franchise.

Christmas in Springfield

Our trip to Springfield's future - thirty years from whatever stupid year this is - began with a hilarious misdirection by Homer and a It's a Wonderful Life and then was cleverly aged with holiday cards.

The future was all about exploring the parent-child relationship after Bart and Lisa claimed they'd never have kids. That, and continuing the tradition of not letting Maggie talk, which is more important than ever after Liz Taylor's death.

Call me sappy, but I loved the revelations of Lisa and Bart in the treehouse with a bottle of wine. As much as Homer and Marge have become caricatures over the years, their relationships and dynamics are certainly still real and identifiable.

From Homer being a better grandfather to Lisa's realization that she was becoming exactly like her mother, it was all very identifiable... despite being placed in a world with evolved pets and robot doctors.

Speaking of which, this episode was loaded with brilliant future jokes. Some of our favorites?

  • Michigan being under Sharia Law with the cutaway photo to U of M Dearborne. And that's from coming from yours truly, a Wolverine.
  • Prince Bloody Harry the Tyrant.
  • Star advertising in the nighttime sky.
  • Homer's Law.
  • The reincarnated Sanjay mongoose
  • The octuplets' octuplets.
  • Pretty much every scene involving air travel.  Can I have the whole can please?
  • Marsha Princess

I'd comment on the continuity problems with some of the other future episodes, but I'm sure our TV Fanatics will shout retcons. So... what did everyone else think? Weigh in the comments, read our favorite quotes, and be sure and have a happy holidays and a morphistic quiznox to our allies on Rigel 7. 

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go dress up to eat carrots and smoke. See you next year!


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Something that marred "Holidays of Future Passed" as a Christmas episode is the fact that you could take Christmas out of it without it effecting plot too much, the events of the episode just happen to take place at Christmas.


Honestly, amazing amazing episode. I adored EVERYTHING about it.


i loved the nelson/lisa interaction in this episode.


Sideshow Bob getting killed by a rake in Moe's FTW!


This was the best episode the last 5 years. It had us DYING, my brother no longer watches BUT had me tape itself and rewatched it twice already


I couldn't believe my eyes! That episode was the best episode in probably 2 or 3 years! I laughed from beginning to end! That Ralph cloning deaths was probably the best! I wish they would make more future episodes because it gives them room to come up with fresh storylines and more creativity! Bravo to this episode!


This is one of the best episodes in the last couple of years. It was just fantastic. My favorite moments: *The hint Lisa had a girlfriend in one of the Christmas pictures. At one point it looked like she had two. *The fact Nelson and Lisa still talk. "Someone calls someone." Was amazing. *The treehouse scene. It really was a great sibbling moment. A great parent moment as well. *Homer's Law *Ralph's calons *Snake is a robot *Mod's ghost *The trees! I loved the talking/moving tree. *The fact the father of Maggie's baby is a band member. *Milhouse mentioning Zia only has the best genetic material, and it is not his. *The children of Bart and Lisa were perfectly modeled.


Granpa and the suspension/de-suspension scene was also hilarious and great.


Excellent. One of the funniest in a long time. I'd rather watch a Future Simpsons series than more Simpsons. Ralph's clones dying over and over-especially the truckfull of them was hilarious.


Honestly, this was probably the BEST episode of The Simpsons in 12-13 years, I've never actually laughed that hard at a new episode in so long. Hope they ride this wave.

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