2 Broke Girls Review: The Horrible, Horrible Critics

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2 Broke Girls was recently blasted by some critics for its use of low brow humor. For me, it is simple: if it’s a sitcom and if it makes me laugh, it has done its job. Even if those laughs are sometimes accompanied by a groan or eye roll. 

Of course, I would like to ask those critics how they think you could do prostitution humor without it being low brow. Okay, maybe a British show could pull it off. But best I can tell, if you’re dealing with an American show (or Mel Brooks) any time you bring sex into comedy it’s almost always immediately considered over a line.

But that's fine with me. While the critics may have slammed Michael Patrick King for the style of the show, many of us enjoy it very much. And this week was no exception. 

We  were treated to "And the Upstairs Neighbor," where the girls had to deal with their new neighbor (played by the always funny Jennifer Coolidge) who the gals presumed to be a hooker or Madame upon their initial meeting. 

Jennifer Coolidge on 2 Broke Girls

I've seen Coolidge in everything from American Pie to Joey and I did not expect the accent she was rocking as Sophie when the girls opened the door and she stood there scolding them for their horrible, horrible note.

Aside from the herpes joke with Caroline going on too long, all of the quips were right on the mark. Some hit the bullseye, such as Beth Behrs shoveling down caviar in a bit of great physical comedy.  

Overall, it wasn’t the funniest episode we have had - browse through our updated 2 Broke Girls quotes section now! - but it was a moderately decent outing. I hope that Coolidge gets to make a return visit, because it would be a horrible, horrible injustice if she didn’t. Yep, I'm going to milk that joke until it's just a horrible, horrible memory, I can tell already. 

Girl's Current Total: $665.00.


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Certifiably the worst show on television. The sexual crudeness is unnecessary, it makes women just look like they are constantly willing and available pieces of ass. If they want to include this story line, at least take the innuendo down a few notches and make it laughable. Right now its just embarrassing and there is more room on TV for better entertainment than this. Terrible writing, the actresses are just awful, and oftentimes the show is lousy, period. Get some better writers, throw some laughable lines in there and take out at least a few of the references to "getting laid". Then it might have a chance.


hi about the pic( the one that sofi and girls are wearing 3d glasses, when it started in this part , there was a song singing from the tv, i remmember sofi said satrday show is my favorite s.th like that, does anyone know what was the name of that song? or who sing it?


Two Broke Girls happens to be a humorous show for young adults and teens. If you don't like it, don't watch it. There are other things for you to watch on TV. I am personally in the age bracket that enjoys this show. I find it humorous and entertaining. i can't wait for the next episode and I am always disaapointed when I do miss an episode. If you don't like the show keep your opinion to yourself there are obviously a lot of people out there that enjoy the show because it does have great reviws. I think that they have earned every award that they have gotten. My advice to the "haters" is "Keep it to yourself. You don't have to watch it if you don't like it."


i CAN'T BELIEVE THIS PROBGRAM WON THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD...somebody was pulling strings. This is one of the worst acted, written, vulgar, 8th grade humor, not funny program. NEW GIRL, on the other hand. is very naughty. but excellent characters and actors and writing and extremely funny lines and stories. Horrible horrible is a great discription of 2 Broke Girls


how crude, tasteless, comment referring to hepatitis c. there are many people that have that disease. why would you make reference to a disease that you have no idea how people can contract it. insensitive remark, more than that if it was a disease like aids, it would never be referred to. either should this. get all the facts before you say something like that on the tv program. not that you should say it even if you do.


I like it. It might be mediocre acting and low brow humour, but it makes me laugh and forget about my horrible horrible life for 20 minutes a week


atrocious "acting" flat palpably acted in the worst sense, & unfit to wipe carl reiner's ass show. TDVDS, King Of Queens, 2 1/2 Men was funny this is not funny.


fortyseven, your hate of the horrible horrible jokes is just horrible, horrible. :P (yep, still using it) Jim


Horrible, horrible and Herpes jokes went on too long. Caroline shoveling caviar was great. The new neighbor was creepy especially the pajama party. She was also inconsistent. I liked that Caroline put on heels to go up. I liked that the new neighbor called them out for not making enough money/money fast enough. I liked the comparisons of the cupcakes to the girls.

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Caroline: Max come out.
Max: If I came out, it wouldn't be for you, it would be for that hot dragon tattoo girl.

Oleg: Pickup, chicken breast, the way I know you like it with *bone in*
Caroline: We really should have a seminar about sexual harassment in the work place.
Max: Why he's already so good at it?