Bones Review: Death Goes Digital

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Booth and Brennan found themselves hunting for more than just the perfect home on Bones this week. When severed remains appeared at the American Heritage Museum, the Jeffersonian team plunged in to the world of informants and clues embedded in the skull and vertebrae of the victim to find the killer.

Indeed, "The Crack in the Code" was quite an eventful winter finale.

That's a Big Statue

I was pretty impressed with the innovation and imagination of the writers room on this one. Never would I have conjured up the idea of rearranging spinal vertebrae to fashion a code of any kind. Yet it was no surprise that Hodgins was the one to crack it, with the help of his lovely wife Angela. This was every government conspiracy buff's dream.

Bones has had slew of infamous serial killers and snipers ranging from The Gravedigger to Broadsky. This one, however, takes the concept to a whole new level.

I will forever be stumped as to how an effective fractal pattern containing malware could be etched into the distal end of a bone. Especially not one that would send Angela's entire electronics collection up in flames. It's epic in a very sick kind of way.

It seems Christopher Pollant will not soon be forgotten, as our team was unable to directly connect him to the string of bodies left for them to find and identify. I only have one question: Who's next?

On a much lighter note, Booth and Brennan were not only chasing potential serial killers, but also searching for the perfect home. With their little girl six weeks from being born, it was down to the wire for those two to find a place to live.

One thing that struck me about their choice was that it had to be in the most unlivable condition known to mankind. Worse still, Booth and his help will have minimal time to make it into a livable and family-friendly dwelling.

Perhaps the most endearing feature of this home is its symbolic quality. Booth and Brennan's likening the house to a symbol of their conquering of the bad guys was a fitting comparison. If there's anyone who deserves to live in a rehabilitated home that signals their strength, it's Booth, Brennan and their little girl.

It's a shame this show is going on hiatus again! Guess we will have to wait a little bit longer to see the birth, and, more interestingly, how this whole house thing works out!

What do you think of the new villain? What about the new house? Sound off below!


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OK, so the last couple of episodes have sort of improved my opinion of the B&B relationship. The dynamics seems more believable somehow. Besides, I actually kind of liked the case in this episode! So that brings me to the question that's been nagging at me since the beginning of the season: why are Brennan and Booth still allowed to work together? We've heard multiple times that it's against regulations, they have had to have counseling in the past to determine if they should stay partners when there was just a whiff of potential personal problems between them, and they are not exactly keeping this relationship a secret. So what gives?


Pelant's apartment has nothing but junk in it yet he has superhuman IT skills. The things he does are actually impossible and certaintly beyond the range of TV writers. He succeeds only because he is written that way.


The show's going on hiatus so they can build that house!


I love Bones. It's so entertaining. I like the fact that the writers introduced someone that is highly intelligent. I think he will be a good nemesis for all of them, not just Bones herself. Pollant has them all stymied and that is so good. It was evidenced by the fact that Sweets told Booth that Pollant will probably get away with the killings (so far anyway, my comment, not Sweets). However, good must win over evil, so smart or not, Pollant will be taken down. The fact that Brennan is happily taking the time to take care of herself and her unborn baby and looking for a Mighty Hut for she and her soon-to-be family shows a warm and loving part of Dr. Brennan that we have not seem much of until now. I love the way the writers are bringing the family together. Once all that is settled down, I believe the action and drama around cases will get back to normal, but hopefully we will still be able to enjoy a good deal of family woven into the episodes.


I just love the new bones dynamic--bones preggers,booth solicitous, the baby, the new home --I just love it.The beauty with this show is that it is like a river with many wonderful tributaries that hold our interest--angela&hodgins--cam and her daughter(we should find her a man)and last most importantly booth and brennan love story--to me murder is secondary.


I really didn't like this episode, it was really farfetched and not in a good waay. And I don't know what's wrong with Camille's acting but it's been bad lately but in this episode she was just terrible.. So was Caatherine and Angela.. and even Hodgins!
The whole thing didn't feel natural at all and the music they passed on some occasions made it feel like an old crappy polar..




Bones, arrogant; not so! Her comments to her intelligence are not arrogant, but based on evidence she has. Her statement was she didn't know anyone smarter than herself and it was not said with arrogance, but of simple fact. She did however, say he could be 'resourceful' until she has more evidence pointing to a different conclusion. She is a certified genius, speaks at least seven other languages, has an eidetic memory, has three doctorates, etc. It should be of no surprise that she sees herself as extremely intelligent and others who work with her feel the same way. So, she has the empirical evidence needed to make the statement of not knowing anyone smarter than herself. She has always been blunt and stated exactly what she thought and/or felt, but she also is not opposed to saying she was wrong if the evidence leads her to that conclusion. This was their first battle with the new villain, let's just see how it plays out before we start to vilify her.


I really enjoyed this episode. Everybody had a part in solving the crimes. Loved it that Booth was the one to find them their house. I knew what was going to happen as soon as Sweet's told Booth he found Daisy's present at the U S Marshal's Auction @ .20 on the dollar!


loved the episode... new bad guy...cases that go outside of the the concept of the house...but where's Parker:( haven't heard about him in a while...not even while there were looking for a house with a man cave and a woman cave with the perfect baby room:(

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I have been trying to find a birthday present for Daisy and the pressure to make the perfect purchase is ....nothing like looking for a house when you're pregnant.


Cam: Word of advice: Do not mention Booth to Booth or he will shoot you.