Cam: Word of advice: Do not mention Booth to Booth or he will shoot you.

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:Hi Emilie, I saw a very bad example of this just last week. The cnapmoy had a very expensive, very cool interactive tool in their booth that had they invested a bit more in a professional presenter like you, it would not have just been taking up space.Because they did not have anyone engaging with people and showing them how the tool actually worked and why it was there, it sat unused the entire show. Not only was this a missed opportunity but a colossal waste of money. Sadly I've seen this happen way too often. Just because you build it does not mean they will come.Exhibitors please, please, please figure in the cost of a professional presenter into your booth budget if you are demoing anything. The ROI is definitely there.[] Reply:May 11th, 2010 at 10:43 amThanks for your comment and your observation, Traci!Product Launches are one of the most effective tactics at a trade show because you have a captive audience that wants and needs to know about your new offering. But that captive audience is hurrying down the aisle, so if you do nothing to get them out of the aisle and in to your booth to actually learn about the product, it is merely taking up space as you mentioned.I wonder how many attendees would have eventually purchased the product had they actually know it was there, were educated on it, were showed how it worked, and were thinking of how it could fit into their business? Just something to ponder []

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I have been trying to find a birthday present for Daisy and the pressure to make the perfect purchase is ....nothing like looking for a house when you're pregnant.


Cam: Word of advice: Do not mention Booth to Booth or he will shoot you.