Castle Clips: Being Cute, Being Kim

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Castle will pull off an impressive double on tomorrow night's new episode.

The hit ABC series will up the romantic ante between its title character and Kate Beckett, while also mocking the heck out of Kim Kardashian.

Indeed, "An Embarrassment of Bitches" will feature the death of a dog trainer that leads to Castle and Beckett sharing custody of an adorable pooch; along with Hilarie Burton portraying a reality star who comes across very much like a certain E! and supermarket tabloid cover staple.

Watch two clips from the episode now, the first of which should make all Caskett fans very, very happy:

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Why was there no Round table for the last episode?


Correction on my last post: Justin Hartley from Smallville. Sorry, I must be thinking of Iron Man 2. Well, I posted before I watched the clips. They're funny. Burton did the voice, Kardashians seem to do a cutesy voice thing. Oh and yes, I agree. The Castle-Beckett chemistry is a tease. I think they're trying to prolong it because maybe once they're together, it would ruin the show.


I can't wait. This is the episode with Justin Hammer, Smallville's Green Arrow. I'm very excited


isn't Hilarie still on White Collar?


Well any touch between our Caskett is always good but I side with Joy on this.
No round table.


Can't wait! :D
Did the TVfanatic staff do a round table for the most recent episode? I like reading those and have't seen it yet.


all i can say for the first clip:


As much as I love Castle, the press releases about upping the romance between the two are always a tease and don't live up to the "hype". I just enjoy the show anyway :-)

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