Castle Review: A Konniving Killer?

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The latest installment of Castle, "An Embarrassment of Bitches," was most definitely one of the more enjoyable hours of the season. This series has really been able to do it all: get your heart pumping with anxiety, make you laugh, make you think, and, most of all, create an installment that is pure enjoyement.

This episode was no exception. 

“An Embarrassment of Bitches” took us into the land of dog competitions, reality television and murder. Sounds like a fun combination, right?

Castle Hand Holding

It’s A Dog Eat Dog World. The weekly case centered on the death of a dog competition judge and trainer who had been working with Customs to train dog sniffing dogs. This was a fun change that also gave us a chance to admire the cute and cuddly pups on screen. The killer was predictable, but I didn’t care at all. It didn’t matter because it gave us a chance to see Ms. Kay Cappuccio....

Peyton Sawyer Hilarie Burton = Complete Knockout. Let me start by saying that I am not the biggest Burton fan. Her run as Peyton on One Tree Hill used to drive me crazy and was absolutely one of my least liked television characters. Tonight, that all changed. Hilarie was awesome, not only in the way she looked, but everything she personified. 

Hilarie Burton on Castle

First of all, she looked gorgeous. Second: the voice was amazing. Burton’s “Kay Cappuccio” was a character based off Kim Kardashian, of kourse and as soon as I heard her speak, I broke into laughter. She was believable, funny, and, somehow, likable. Plus, she obviously has good taste from her flirting with Espo.

Justin Hartley also guest starred as Burton’s boyfriend, and his role was a bit of a disappointment. This is Green Arrow. He deserves more than a few lines! It just felt like this character could have been played by anyone. 

Shared Custody. The death of the dog judge meant one thing for our favorite non-couple: shared custody of his canine! This was such a cute and fun arc for the two. It provided a little bit of shipper moments but still brought the laughs.

Trying to call the dog from either side of the room so he would pick a winner was awesome. I sadly must admit that has gone on in my house to decide who our dog loves most.

The driving scene from the dog story was the hand rubbing between Beckett and Castle. The eye contact was smoldering and the tension was undeniable. Just enough to hold us Caskett shippers over until the next episode, which looks to be awesome!

Beckett vs. Burton

After Thoughts

  • Still no mention of Ryan’s wedding/new marriage. Still think it’s kind of strange.
  • Alexis headed on a road trip with Buttons Dutton. I so wish that I had a friend named this in high school. Looks like the series is setting the character up to return for guest visits.
  • How hilarious was the Jason Bateman comment from that pesky pap? Gotta love this show’s writers.
Overall, a great hour from the crime drama. Light hearted, fun and entertaining. Just what I like to finish up a Monday. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “An Embarrassment of Bitches” as much fun for you? What about you Caskett shippers? Was the small hand holding scene enough to tide you over? How about shared custody of the dog?
Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the latest installment. There is a week off before our next episode, so check back soon for the Round Table discussion and info on the upcoming episodes. Until then, Castle fans...


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HAHAHAHA OMG you guys are too F*cking funny! Great field trip even though well it sukced on the actual field trip. I have been waiting for this video since the blog post for the trip.I could go on about my favorite parts but instead I will sum it up by saying How enjoyably inappropriate! Keep them coming!


One hopes that it was a large dog at least. I also wenodr how randy someone has to be that they’re willing to commit such an act at a tourist location that would presumably have quite a few people around, and with the thought that the dog’s owner would obviously be looking for it? That is unless England is full of wild dogs running around historical sights that are free for the taking, and he just happened to picked the one with an owner.


Funny,funny episode! I was so proud of myself guessing the killer,but to find out is was obvious,was a let down to me! Hilarie Burton was great and enjoyed seeing Justin Hartley. Has the large painting on Becketts wall ever been discussed? It reminds me of a nightmare! Who is the artist? Prop planes in the air,wind blowing and a woman in flight in the air. If that is Becketts taste in art, forget it.


THe more I think about it, and folks hoping the two get-together before season 6, wanna bet Martha and Mr. Beckett go out? They met at the hospital, and got to be friends???
THat would take care of season 5! ha. I definately expect to see more, perhaps from Valentines day, or before season ends dealing with their feelings.
I would hope the writers don't let the viewers down.


It was okay. I like that they're fighting over the dog. I kind of figured they weren't going to share the dog, they're not even together. Though I think they're closer. As a Smallville fan, I didn't like that Justin Hartley's character was the bad guy. Kind of a good way to make fun of reality show people though. And the Jason Bateman bit is funny, I think he mentioned somewhere how he's always getting mistaken for the guy. I think Nathan Fillion's better-looking. With the hand-holding, she knows he told her he loves her but she denied remembering. But she doesn't remember him on her side while she was unconscious. I want them to get together already. I think they don't want them together yet 'cause the show might not be as good but I think it'll be a very interesting dynamic. They can be more fun together.


I very much liked this weeks show, very funny great moments with Kate and Castle didnt care much for Hilarie, the writers did amazing job as always.


I think you hit the nail on the head, Jojo! THe more I think about that scene where Castle is holding her hand, the look Kate gives, its like shock that she is remembering something, perhaps the man that held her hand when she was in the hospital. Love to see more, like flashbacks, or her asking her dad, what happened when she was recovering from the shooting. There is so much there, they need to make it 2 hr shows. Great from comedy standpoint along with the drama.
Want to see more!


I watched this episode last night and it was by far one of the best Castle episodes to date. The pets mixed in with Castle and Beckett's hand rubbing moment had me gasping for air. And that little dog barking at Castle was indeed hilarious! This was absolutely histerical not to mention awesome. And it's great they brought in Nana Visitor to play the role of the animal psychic. I've missed her since her DS9 days. :)


Okay okay - so we all knew the killer would be Justin Hartley - but sometimes the fun is more in how they get there. The murderer was obvious, but the details of the case weren't that predictable. This was one of the funniest Castle episodes ever - I was laughing throughout the whole thing. From Castle/Beckett's reaction to the dog trainers, Beckett's screaming while running from the dogs (how often do we hear Kate yell like that), Castle's Kardashian pose and the Justin Bateman quip, everything about Esposito's crush - oh my gosh, the canine therapist...This episode was hilarious, memorable and ultimately one of my favourites. And holy crap - the air was so thick with unresolved romantic tension between Kate and Castle at that hand rub - that was a great moment.


Totally good episode I want Caskett its time they got together also I love Hilarie Burton she has great range and play any character she wants, she would be a great Bond girl so would Stana Katic. We know who the real star of One Tree Hill is and was, Hilarie is she has been a MTV vj and been on both White Collar and Castle! Stana and Nathan are amazing, great chemistry, I also enjoy the interaction with Alexis and Castle, always great scenes! Epis. Needs a girl and him and Kay were awesome. On a sidenote Stana Katic Hilarie Burton and Molly Quinn are Hot they should definately pose for Maxim or Playboy!

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Castle: Your friends name is Buttons Dutton.
Martha: That is unfortunate.

Honey, don't be such a kill joy.