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Gossip Girl Photos: "The Backup Dan"

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Amid all the excitement building for next Monday night, a few photos have been released for the episode AFTER the royal wedding on Gossip Girl. The title of the February 6 installment: "The Backup Dan."

Dan is nowhere in sight in these first three photos, however. Nor is Louis.

Chuck is very much present, as is Georgina (who is reportedly sticking around for the next two weeks at least). Blair is in the photos too, of course, still in "wedding hair" and sitting in a hotel ... we think.

What sort of clues do these photos offer about the wedding episode? Will Blair actually go through with it? If she doesn't, which looks increasingly likely, what prompts her to call it off at the last second?

Check out the images below and see what you think ...

  • Blair Post-Wedding
  • Chair Post-Wedding Photo!
  • Chuck and Georgina Pic

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i get soooo mad when people diss Dan!! just STOP! usually, when i see these comments, i post the most mean replies possible, and in return get a lot of messages saying that various users have blocked me. well, you know what. FUCK YOU! DAN IS THE SWEETEST, MOST DEEP, SEXIEST, MOST PERFECT GUY IN THE WHOLE SHOW, IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! UR SO RUDE! U DON'T HAVE TO EGT MAD AT DAN! WHAT DID HE DO? IT IS *NO ONES* FAULT THAT DAN AND BLAIR HAVE THE MOST GENUINE CONNECTION IN THE SHOW. U KNOW THAT CHAIR WILL BE ENDGAME SO WHY BE A HATER TO EVERYONE ELSE?????? TEAM DAN. FOREVER.


Why does everyone keep calling Dan an idiot????? If any of you cared about Blair, you would realize that Dan is on of the only people she can turn to EVERY TIME something goes wrong. He's not judgemental anymore, so I really can't fathom any reason for him to be an idiot... I don't really mind who is endgame, but that doesn't mean I love the show any less. If anything it means more...


Blair and Chuck have to be toguether, dan is an idiot, but he has to be with serena. I KNEW GEORGINAS WAS GOSSIP GIRL. I KNEW IT.
Chair 4 ever!!


Im guessing know one watched the promos? The sweater isnt Dans...nor is it Nates. Dan and Blair leave from the wedding and end up in an airport (still wearing the wedding dress)...she ends up changing so no one recognizes her. As much as Dair fans would love to see them together, its not happening. The story line for Chair has been going on for 5 years,Chuck and Blair will be the end game. Maby not now...but there is going to be a season 6 and it will be the series finale...thats when Chair will be togther forever.( The producers created the O.C as well and Summer and Seth eventually got married. Even though they had their differences and dated other ppl.) Blair didnt really seem to care that Dan wrote the vows and she didnt really care when he picked her up from the wedding. So the DAIR thing aint happening. Theres still so much left in the rest of season 5 and season 6. Im guessing everyone forgot that Lily, unknowingly, actually bumped into the REAL CHARLIE RHODES??


I totally agree with ggggggggg. Chuck and Blair, the king and queen of the upper east side belong together and Nate and serena, the golden couple are just destined to last forever. However the producers and writers don't seem to agree with me. They constantly ruin the back come and happily ever after of chuck and Blair. And for me Blair could and should never have an relationship with dan a.k.a lonely boy. For acceptable endings for the couples would be of course chuck and Blair, Nate and serena and dan wiith Charlie (Lola). That is the perfect ending.


Yes CHAIR & SERENATE and the rest don't matter because it's all about the non-judging breakfast club


I hope that Blair has called off her wedding to Louis and Chuck is winning her back.
The best couples on Gossip Girl are: Blair + Chuck
Serena + Nate Dan should go with Beatrice....


I like Serena and ....Nate :/ But they're not there yet so I'm all for Serena and da...Rufus! I mean Serena and Da..chuck? The Queen Bees just shouldn't be with Dan. He's like, the errand boy. S doesn't want to schtup Dan any more than B did. Not that Dan's 'bad' or 'evil'; he's very very nice! B and S just tend to snag less nice guys, and more dangerous guys.


@ jackiee: I'm one!


I just want Dan and Serena to be there still any Derena fans anyways? :/