Gossip Girl Photos: "The Backup Dan"

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Amid all the excitement building for next Monday night, a few photos have been released for the episode AFTER the royal wedding on Gossip Girl. The title of the February 6 installment: "The Backup Dan."

Dan is nowhere in sight in these first three photos, however. Nor is Louis.

Chuck is very much present, as is Georgina (who is reportedly sticking around for the next two weeks at least). Blair is in the photos too, of course, still in "wedding hair" and sitting in a hotel ... we think.

What sort of clues do these photos offer about the wedding episode? Will Blair actually go through with it? If she doesn't, which looks increasingly likely, what prompts her to call it off at the last second?

Check out the images below and see what you think ...

  • Blair Post-Wedding
  • Chair Post-Wedding Photo!
  • Chuck and Georgina Pic

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those of you saying the hoodie blair's wearing is for dan are wrong.,dan doesn't havd a hoodie as he has never worn one...but nate does have one he wore in seasons past and i just checked it's also a grey hoodie nate has...that room looks like an hotel room...it points to blair running away to chuck coz that's where she could get nates hoodie to wear BUT i have a feeling something bad happens again after running back to chuck....as a chair fan that will be it for me,if the writers break them up after she runs to chuck i'm done with this show coz let's face it the writers are out of ideas


This does not look like a happy reunion. Chuck looks like he is apologizing or pleading with Blair. I think it's safe to say Blair does not leave the wedding with Chuck. The fact that Georgina is there does not bode well for Chair either especially if this is part of her revenge!!


if geogina is involved, it got to be something bad! cuz she is back for revenge, I don't think she'd stage a chair reunion from the goodness of her heart.


chuck and blair dont look very happy NOOOOOOOOO


girl is working the hell out of that hair! finally!


Chuck's suit looks like the one he is wearing at the wedding (check the pics ;)... i think blair runs away and because otherwise she would still wear the dress she changed into this gray hoodie... i hope this will be a good episode for chair we would deserve one...


Makes my little shipper heart happy to have chair scenes. love leighton and ed




... WTF?! Blair's wearing a sweatshirt?? Where have I been?


Let's guess what Chuck is saying...I am a moron, I know, I hate hurt you - I know, but give me one more chance to prove that no matter what - I will still fuck up in the end. Congratulations Blair, your future seems to be very "bright"! Ok, I am officially on team Dair now!