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Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: Valentine's Day Lovin'

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Grey's Anatomy returns with its much-touted alternate-universe episode Thursday (see our mammoth gallery of "If/Then" photos for many a glimpse into the world of what might have been).

A week later, the show airs a very special Valentine's Day-themed installment on February 9. We've posted all of ABC's promotional photos from "All You Need is Love" for you here!

On Valentine's Day, Meredith and Derek try to have a night to themselves when Lexie offers to watch Zola, while Callie makes Mark babysit so that she can surprise Arizona with a romantic evening.

Elsewhere, Ben proves to Bailey that he knows her better than she thinks, and the ER fills with romantics, including a 10-year-old girl who suffers an allergic reaction to chocolates from her valentine and a man who gets hit by a car while chasing down his frustrated girlfriend. Holidays are always brutal at Seattle Grace!

Click to enlarge the images from the Feb. 9 episode below:

  • Mer Der Lovin'
  • Zola's Folks
  • The Loving Parents and the Sitter
  • Lexie the Babysitter
  • Lexie and Zola
  • Arizona, Callie Pic
  • Arizona Blindfolded
  • Callie and Arizona Image

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Der definately loves Mer's neck! LOL


Wooo Hooo sexy time for MerDer, but i'm trying to figure out if they are laughing while he carries her to the lounge or if he is kissing her neck.


Oh, MerDer finally. :D As much as I love them as parents, they deserve some sexy time!


i can't wait to see what callie suprises arizona with. looks like something big!


OMG!!! MerDer moment


I was ready for finally a beautiful (sex/love) scene between owen/christina. But now, after the last episode, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN:(


I'm not sure if just Kepner and Avery have moved out and if they have taken Alex with them(I do hope so). Lexie seems to have no friends, no boyfriend and has no where else to be but in the way of MerDer needing to be alone. Is she gonna be moving to the McDream house too, or is she gonna be back with Mark by the time this happens?
I'm happy MerDer are so keen for one to one time with each other .LOL :)))


Hahaha, I love how Lexie is just drinking coffee on the chair while Meredith and Derek do their thing.


For all who are intrested on youtube they have an 11 min. pormo of the If/Then exposide. You should really check out talking about a really reality check...