Modern Family Review: Competition and Paranoia

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There's really nothing funny about waiting for medical news. That was the first mistake in this week's Modern Family. "Lifetime Supply" - a title as random as the storyline it came from - brought us a depressed and neurotic Phil as he waited for results from his doctor.

This episode was far more about competition than it was about the lifetime supply of razors that Phil won from a game show he was on in the 1990s. Although props to the costume department for digging up that wig.

What a random bit to throw into the episode, it didn't even tie into anything else. In an effort to not be completely negative, I'll express my appreciation for Phil's neutrality in the whole East Coast/West Coast rap war.

Benjamin Bratt on Modern Family

Mitchell and Cam started the year off right by celebrating Mitchell's environmental law award. Then, of course, they got petty and competitive, Cam's farm stories came up and Mitchell tried to do the right thing and got caught in a bad position. Pretty similar to what we see from these two every week.

If it weren't for Alex Dunphy expressing her completely Pritchett-dominated personality, Mitchell never would have realized his mistake in the first place. Can someone also please explain to me how there was still a fish flopping on the ground in Cam's box of trophies? I did at least love that Mitchell owned up to the fact that he was acting like a 14-year-old girl.

As sexy as Benjamin Bratt is, and Cam's staring only proved my point, his appearance was kind of wasted. We all know that Jay is a great dad to Manny, we didn't need to see him and Javier try to outdo each other at the horse races. Manny ought to stick to dressing like Matt Damon in The Legend of Bagger Vance rather than getting sucked into the black hole of gambling.

Lucky for us all, Phil's results were fine. The doctor only called to discuss real estate. Overall, a weak first episode back, but there were a few good quotes per usual. Hit the comments with your thoughts!


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I agree with you, Leigh. Once again, the writers are proving that all they can do is recycle old formulas they've already used, with the Mitchell/Cam story serving as a perfect example. If the only significant dynamic to their relationship is their petty competition, then we don't need to see them anymore.

Leigh r

Sorry about the fish and mouse mix up, not sure how I missed that! Still felt the episode underwhelmed as a whole.


I agree with Leigh that this episode fell short, but it was clearly a black mouse in Cam's old box of trophies. In addition to seeing it, they also talked about it. I'm not sure how you could have mistaken it for a fish.


I completely agree with Leigh here. Like much of this season, Modern Family wasn't all that funny this week. The characters have seemed to run their course, and it's time for the writers to come up with funnier plot lines and dialogue. Their shticks aren't going to be enough at this point.


i l'd ol so many times. great episode. loved manny's dad. phil's 90's hair cut made this a 4/5 ep at min.


I think you are a little too hard in your criticism of this episode. I question on how much you really watched. I thought it was hilarious and a great start to the New Year. As noted above it was a black mouse that case Mitchell to drop the trophy box... not a fish. Benjamin Bratt was a great addition to the cast and played Manny's biological Dad with a delicious wink and nod to the family dynamics. Many great performances and great writing. Don't know what you watched, but I saw a five star episode.


It wasn't a fish in the box of trophies - it was a black mouse, just like what Gloria dreamed about.

Uss biddle dlg 34

MF was the only lame Network s*itcom I used to slum for , love Manny , but Phil character became soooooo annoying that I had to kick the show to the curb.
Pay cable is where I watch 30 min programming.
Californication , best half hour , since Seinfeld !

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You can stop holding in your stomach now.

Doctor [to Phil]