Pretty Little Liars, Pretty Big Fight: Byron vs. Ezra!

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In an exclusive interview with Marlene King, the Pretty Little Liars creator told me this week that Aria is set on fighting back in her relationship with Ezra

Now that the couple has come out to her parents, Aria will be intent on redefining the pairing on her own terms - but it looks like that won't be easy to do.

Look for Byron to address Ezra on Monday's new episode, going to the teacher's apartment and trying to set the record as straight as he can: "I want your assurance that this was a mistake and that it's over. You are never seeing Aria again. Ever! And I will make sure that the police see to that."

Watch the confrontation below:

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By the way, I'd be a lot more open if Ezra had consulted Aria's parents the minute he first dated their daughter. Aria is a minor, he's not, and although she may seem all "mature" she really is only in high school. If he had the permission of Aria's parents to date Aria, it would be fine. I should rephrase that, cheating-dad's opinions on this matter don't count, only the mother's does.


I'm sorry but I disagree. The minute Ezra decided to pursue a relationship with Aria, and yes he decided to, he should have left his job. And I know, giving up your job is a lot to risk in these hard times. But then you know what? You don't pursue a romantic relationship with your student. It's against the law, and what he agreed to when becoming a teacher. When Ezra decided to date Aria, KNOWING she was a student, I lost respect for him. If she is worth that much to him he should have transferred. And I know that he needed time to discover that he really did care for Aria before he did something so drastic, but what he did with Aria was illegal. And I know a sexual relationship wasn't hinted so I'm not accusing him of that. I find them very sweet together in a hopeless romantic way, but I'm still disturbed that he'd go against the rules of his workplace to be with her. He is completely deserving of whatever consequences come his way.


The relationship is wrong due to the fact that she is underage but they haven't had sex, and as it is shown they would have a relationship never the less since they have so much in common, she would stay after school and they would share so many thought and points of view that is similar to their own, they would eventually develop feelings for each other and as he pointed out himself even if they wouldn't had met at the bar he would have noticed her, the timing was wrong but they are together now and just trying to make the best of it. I get that the dad wants to protect his little girl but as Ella said so herself they raised Aria to be independence and opened minded with all that is going on in her life she really has matured and many men notice this not only Ezra but Jason as well.


Aria and Ezra have tried to break up and stay away, it doesn't work. These two love each other and hannah said it the right way. Yes there is an age difference, but its not much at all. I believe the age difference is about 6 years apart right? The important thing is he hasnt tooken advantage of her, the havent even had sex to fall in love with one another right? So all you douches who put them down? Grow up, just because he was her teacher, he left for hollis because he wanted to be with her publicly. Why does her dad get to have any say? For these two its love, and I hope that they fight for one another. Aria loves him and he loves her. Her mom seems to understand if aria would just explain that she loves him and she is miserable without him.


Bryan wants better for his daughter than himself. Bryan is a faggot-douche who had an affair with one of his students, and doesn't want his daughter to be in that situation. Of course, EZRA ISN'T MARRIED unlike Aria's stupid father, but he fails to see the difference. Aria and Ezra are so wrong, I don't care if they're "in love": Ezra is her teacher: point simple. He should've been the one to end it, like a mature adult would. However Bryan has no right in hell to judge him, he is trying to relate it to his personal experience with a teacher-student affair. I wonder if Bryan will have more problems with his wife now that this brings arise to Bryan's past affair.


Omgggggg I hate aria's dad right now I mean didn't he do the same thing to one of his students and can't he see that Ezra really cares bout aria and he will protect her to the end... Also I think that arias parent need to understand what aria is feeling and if they do something to Ezra aria is never gonna forgive them I personally think that they should atleast give Ezra a chance because unlike arias parent or brother ezra was the only one that was there to understand her and he actually could help her,,,!!!


I have to say that I was happy to see Ezra get punched last week (not that violence is the answer). He has just been in this deluded state where he thinks that he's not really done anything wrong. Take away the fact that he is an adult and she is a minor....he was her teacher! That is beyond wrong. I don't care what the law of PA is, or if they are soulmates. It's wrong.
I would like to see Ezra act like an actual adult.


Good! This relationship is just creepy. I'm a viewer who probably doesn't fit the PLL demographic at the age of 23, but I still find the show very interesting. Last week I overhead a girl who was 12 tell her mom she needed to get home to watch this show. No matter how cute the couple is together, their circumstances are not cute, and I hope that the show doesn't send that message to younger girls who are going to be watching in the next few years.


This brings Aria and Ezra's relationship to a whole new level. I think sneaking around in the past is going to be easy compared to what they're going to be faced with. On Ezra's part, it's about being the adult and deciding whether to do what is right or fight for who he loves. For Aria, it's about which love she's going to fight for - either her family or Ezra. This is going to be really interesting especially since among all the girls, Aria seems to be the most devoted to her family and has a very close relationship with them.


PLL puts you in difficult situation Aria and Ezra look adorable when they are happy together but on the flip side their relationship is so wrong even in the fictional world. I guess we will see some sneaking around in the future or Aria will move on eventually.

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