Pretty Little Liars to Face Boy Trouble: Three Sneak Peeks

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A sad Mona. A confused Toby. And a concerned Aria.

Based on the following clips from Monday's all-new episode of Pretty Little Liars ("Blond Leading the Blind"), viewers will watch all three of these characters express all three of these emotions, as Hanna comforts Mona in her time of need; Toby wonders what the heck is going on with Spencer; and Aria wonders: Will she ever see Ezra again?

We're gonna take a wild guess and say yes. But check out the trio of sneak peeks now and get excited for the upcoming new installment:

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It is easy to be "A" and as for that txt, he knew he was about to get caught and he could set his phone to send that txt, my phone has a timer I just put the time and it gets send and well lets remember... "A" is all about timing. Noel as "A" said that it was not for Amateur so he preferring to put a tramp to himself before getting caught whit the girls, For those ho read the books you know the firs "A" did something like that before being reviled


In an interview one of the cast members (can't remember who) said that there would be clues!
MOna mentioning Noel's eyes could be one of those clues!!!!
I know A sent the girls a text saying A is for Alison not Amateur when Noel got caught with the tests but maybe he set that up with another A. I really think that in order for the show to make everything A did plausible and realistic there would have to be at least two A's!!!!


Poor Toby!!!!!


Thank you so much for posting these sneak peeks! I feel like every episode the suspense continues to grow, even when it seems nearly impossible to have MORE mystery! That’s why I can never miss an episode! I admit, I feel a little bad for Aria and Ezra! After keeping it under wraps for so long and then having it all blow up in their faces was quite the twist! Think there’s a chance they will actually get back together or will Holden become more than just a pawn in Aria’s game?


funny how mona mentioned noels eyes ..........

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