Private Practice Winter Premiere Clips: For Pete's Sake...

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Private Practice will ring in the new year on January 5 with a new episode titled "Are You My Mother?"

What can viewers look forward to with the return of Addison and company? Among other storylines:

  • Cooper will struggle with how to respond to Mason's illegal actions.
  • Pete and Violet will struggle with how to split time with Luca.
  • Addison will prepare for a new baby.
  • Amelia will return to work.

Check out our midseason report card for Private Practice now and then watch two clips from the upcoming winter premiere:

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@xXmcdreamyluvr23Xx its sad but thats real life. I just found out that I can't have kids, so I appreciate the writer's bringing light to an issue that is a lot more common that you'd think


I seriously don't understand what the writers of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy have against people having their own kids! Addison can't have her own kid and neither can Meredith and Derek! What the heck??


Addison a mon avis ne doit pas avoir d'enfant elle aime trop les aventures
Violet est idiote de laissé sa maison a pet c'est chez elle c'est a lui de partir d'ailleurs ils ne vont ensemble
j'ai hate de voir mon couple favori charlotte et cooper a mon avis c'est le meilleur dans la série ils sont trop trop beau il y a quelque chose de magique quand ils sont ensemble je les aiment


Addison avec un enfant je ne crois pas qu'elle soit une bonne mère qu'elle continue a s'amusé avec tous les mecs qui passe sa lui ressemble
Peter séparé de violet c'est très bien c'est une névrosé il aurait jamais du l'épousé mais c'est sa maison c'est a lui de partir
j'aime beaucoup le couple Charlotte cooper c'est mes favori j'avoue regardé la série que pour suivre leurs aventure je les adorent


I've read different a number of spoilers and if they're true, this Addison-scene seems pretty accurate. I wish she could have a baby of her own too cause I think that's what she deserves but I think it'll also be interesting to see her go through the different ways or options of having a child. I'm also glad about Violet telling that to Pete. I'm not the biggest fan of Violet but she's right. That place has always been Violet's house so it only makes sense that he leave.


If she's not pregnant, I'm going to be pissed. I have nothing against adoption, but Addison really deserved to have the experience of carrying a baby inside of her and getting the whole 9 months worth of it all. I really hope she is pregnant and this clip is meant to be somewhat misleading.
As for Violet, I'm glad she told Pete to get out of her house. She shouldn't have even been the one to leave.


In a very unrelated note, did anyone know that our Sheldon, Brian Benben, is married to Madeline Stowe for 31 years? I didn't know that. Why can't he get prettier girls in the show?

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