Private Practice Review: When Love's Not Enough

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Private Practice returned from the holiday hiatus with a solid episode. "Are You My Mother?" was an excellent way to kick off the second half of an already stellar season, focusing on the theme of when love is just not enough.

I was a little confused at first, though. I expected to immediately see Addison with her pregnancy results. I was a bit surprised and felt that the entire installment was in fast forward mode, as Addison and Sam prepared her home for the social worker.

Pete and Lucas

It was obvious that some time had passed, but I feel like the missing scene was needed. By the way, how did Addie meet with a social worker and even the birthmother that quickly? I guess that’s TV for you.

After much acknowledgment from both Sam and Addie in regard to their conflicted relationship, the two ultimately decided to break up. Are you disappointed or glad? I, for one, am actually the latter, relieved they both finally realized they just don’t want the same things.

On another note, I always thought I’d be crushed if Addison didn’t get to have her own baby. However, I’ll admit that I’m definitely intrigued to see her explore different options for motherhood. At the end of the day, so as long as she gets to finally have a child, I’ll be more than thrilled.

The best parts of this episode included three great scenes. First, I really liked that Jake was the one to comfort Addison as she broke down after being told she wasn’t chosen by the birthmother. Second, as always, I appreciated the Charlotte and Cooper scenes. I love that she's so supportive of him and how well they work together as a team.

Lastly, how great was the shooting range scene with Sheldon and Charlotte?! Private Practice needs more moments outside of the hospital and office. Also, it was tough but understandable to see Sheldon deal with his feelings for Amelia. Thankfully, Charlotte was there for her. These two are great when they're together.

By the way, high-five to Cooper for actually stepping up and being the father he needed to be for Mason. I didn’t think he had it in him at first. Ironically, Mason seems to actually be helping his dad mature.

I can’t say I cared too much for the medical case involving the “polamorous triad." I thought it was random and their demise was predictable. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Elsewhere: I was glad that Violet told Pete he should be the one to leave. I’m not one to be rooting for Violet, but she was right. After all, it was her house in the first place.

I honestly am appreciating the way Pete and Violet’s storyline is going. Separation seems like the right option for them now, though Lucas does need some stability. It’s great that they are establishing rules, but let’s hope that they will both sincerely keep Lucas as their number one priority.

There was a time when I was certain the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS) rating would be soaring off the charts. With tonight’s episode, I'm only rating it a 2 on the VAS, though. Addison and Violet have grown close quickly, and it just isn’t believable to me. Also, I was slightly disappointed she didn’t let Pete see Lucas.

Again, I understand that they have to have some boundaries, but it was heartbreaking to see Pete confess he didn’t want to lose Lucas. Furthermore, she did bend the rules for herself to see Lucas when it wasn’t her turn just earlier that morning.

Were you pleased with this installment? What did you like or dislike? Don’t forget to leave your VAS rating.


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oh for crying out loud, give her a baby already, she needs this, she lives for this, this can screw her up, she deserves, omg , i am freaking out ....


Addi isn't pregnant!?? What the hell are U doing!? But the social worker scene was quite funny! I love the birth mom talk, it was natural and just simply making a connection! And we were heartbroken again! But there is hope!


I'm sorry but cooper's kid is annoying..he is just stealing time to CharCoop as a couple


Scenes I liked best: Char and Sheldon at the shooting range, Addison's break down, Violet promising Pete she'll never take away his son. I'm surprised, but I liked the Pete and Violet story best overall. It reaches me on an emotional level. Charlotte was great as always, both with Cooper and especially with Amelia. I'm glad Amelia is still struggling with the aftermath of her relapse. I felt for Addison, but her getting the baby would have felt too rushed. And I'm glad her and Sam are finally over. Their story was a real thorn in the side for me, annoying to no end. I think I'll like Addison better now that's single and can start looking into other options without feeling bad about wanting to be a mother.


Also, did anyone else notice how Pete, Sheldon, Cooper, Charlotte and Sam were on the 4th floor? I found it odd, as the fourth floor is never really used often. Also, where are the other doctors who work at the practice? Were they simply fired or did they leave? I highly doubt 9 doctors work in two combined practices.


Poor Addison. I knew it was coming, because well, it’s never that easy for Addison. I thought her facial expression in the mid-season finale was a “I can’t believe I’m pregnant� face. 5 long years and she’s still baby-less, and now, she’s loveless. However, I’m glad her and Sam are over. Bring on the random sex scene with Jake that results in a pregnancy! :D
As for Amelia, I think her character was really underused this episode. I know she'd apologized already, but I don't see how Sheldon took anything to heart more than anyone. I know that he loves her and Charlotte already forgave Amelia, but she brought up a lot of things that attacked them all. I think Sheldon is just complaining.
The circumstances surrounding Violet and Pete, I feel as though they only have chemistry when they're sad and emotionally breaking down on one another. I like them that way. As for the VAS, I give it a 0.0. I think Violet has changed and she's actually growing on me.


I knew it was going to happen, but I was still bitter and broken. Poor Addie She was so cute holding the baby. Ugh, of course, the baby just had to be adorable. Addie was bad ass in the delivery room though. Kate was awesome.


A great episode, I would like a baby addison but the road to motherhood is perfect. Charlotte was stunning. Amelia and Sheldon should stay as friends. Violet was right and just to not leave the VAS give it a 0.5, good are the chapters written by Elizabeth JB Klaviter. Thanks for your great review Christina.

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