Royal Pains Review: Same Side

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Hank and Divya treated a rock band whose members fell mysteriously ill, while attempting to navigate their strained relationship in light of the Kassabian incident. Elsewhere, Evan and Paige dealt with some unexpected feelings regarding their upcoming nuptuals. Hank also delivered some bad news to Jack regarding his blood results.

Indeed, "Some Pig" was another plot-packed installment of Royal Pains.

Jack and Hank

This was a great episode. There was always something happening, whether medical or interpersonal. Hank and Divya facing the aforementioned rock band and its friendship issues paralled with Hank and Divya themselves nicely, while still basking in the glory of the garage-band-trying-to-make-it-big plot line.

At first I was surprised how Hank was reacting to the news that Divya was responsible for incorrectly dispensing steroids to Kassabian. He almost seemed to calm about it... and then he started acting like an overprotective parent when he and Divya treated the members of Some Pig.

The way their conflict was handled felt very natural to me. It was easy to tell that each of them were acting out of hurt. Homer was right, they are really good friends. Sometimes you forget that aspect of their relationship extends beyond Doctor and PA. Not that it should be a main focus of the show, but it's nice to revisit that fact in some shape or form.

They have always been on the same side, and that concept should extend to every aspect of their relationship, even in their mistakes. Hank knows exactly what its like to be told he made a mistake and ostracized for his decisionmaking skills. It only seems fair that he give some grace to Divya.

Despite Jill Flint making it clear we'd be seeing more of her this season, I still find myself surprised to see Jill still hanging around, though her words consoling Jack about "not everyone gets to live their dreams, not even for a moment" made me think that it's going to be a lot harder for her to leave than I might have originally been willing to accept.

It was very cute to see Paige and Evan having some fun this week in their relationship. Evan's stress rashes are a rather endearing trait, and on this issue I agree with Paige wholeheartedly. At first I believed that it would be a small allergic reaction to the dogs sleeping in bed with Evan, something he wasn't used to. I was surprised to find that it was left simply at kissing bugs. Am I the only one not to know these things existed? I suppose I expected more conflict when it came to the rash. It's all a matter of writer choices.

Once again, Evan delivered a great little speech to Paige that she can confide in him about her jitters, that that is a function he serves in her life. All men need to say this to their girlfriends. To be comforted is all we really want sometimes.

When it came to Jack being diagnosed with Lupus, I was glad they appraoched the autoimmune disease, as someone very near and dear to my heart struggles with it daily. It doesn't necessarily get as much attention as perhaps cancer does, but it's just as incurable. It also seems like Jack will continue to be a big part of this second half of the season, and I'm eager to see the treatment process, bringing more awareness to Lupus.

Royal Pains really hit its stride this week in terms of character development. I'm excited to see how this bodes for the rest of season 3.5.


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As a Lupus patient, I am thrilled this show is dealing with this disease! So are members of an internet support group to which I belong. Autoimmune diseases do not get the attention nor the funding they need to help us deal with our evryday issues of living. I also have chronic Lyme disease and when I was discharged from the hospital last February after almost dieing from heart failure, I watched the episode about chronic Lyme disease where the patient had been diagnosed for 20 years with MS! Keep up the good work dealing with real life issues while weaving in the fun parts of the stories of the characters we have come to love! BTW, Mitchell V, maybe the actors aren't available right now for the show!


Indeed Hank's father IS OUT of jail and living with his father.......I don't expect to see them the rest of this season, however, there is unfinished business with Boris and hopefully he'll be on before the end of the season....might be a stretch though since there's only 5 episodes left.


To back up Denise - They did not leave Evan's hives to stress, but related to the bugs/mites the dogs brought in from out doors. Did we watch the same show? They made a huge deal about taking the dogs to the groomers and Paige asking Evan about the sheets, etc being cleaned.


Regarding future plot development: Note how near the end of the episode Evan queried Divya about the fact that her financial problem still exists. Their discussion was immediately cut off by an interruption. Expect Evan to follow up and attempt to help Divya.

Uss biddle dlg 34

The string ran out this week. realized last week , have never liked the annoying Acct brother, or the Winkler character, that I dont care about any of them anymore...
Deleted on my DVR scheduler.


Hi: Did you watch the show? The rash was from some insect the dogs were carrying and that bit Evan and Paige. They took the dogs to a groomer to get them debuged. Otherwise I like your review. I'm glad they don't show Hank's father and grandfather, never liked that story line. But they should show Boris more as they're living on his property.


Eddie R. is out of jail living in Palm Beach with Hank and Evan's grandfather. I think Hank was justified in his anger with Diyva. She lied to him the whole time she worked at the hospital and one of his patients suffered because she over worked herself. Hank puts so much trust in her I can't blame him for being cautious for the time being.


There dad is still in jail and Boris is in hiding from the people trying to take his son


couldn't believe how Hank was acting....who is he? & how come he's acting like such an arse...i agree with Mitchell V. are these even the same writers? and why isn't the cast objecting...


Are you kidding me? So far, this season has been aweful! Where is Boris? What about Dad? It's just like the writers are new this season and they haven't watched a single episode! In my opinion, the hand writing is on the wall for this show. It better step up or move on...

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