The Mentalist Winter Premiere Preview: The Return of Red John

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CBS viewers are in for one happy return next Thursday night, and one scary one.

The Mentalist will air its first new episode in weeks on January 12, as "Always Bet on Red" finds Jane and Lisbon sorting through a very long list of suspects after a high-end divorce lawyer is killed on his speed boat.

These two will also find themselves up against an "old enemy," as the following preview teases. Who could it be? Who do you think?!? Watch and prepare yourself now:

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I like my theory so much more I cant just keep it to myself, think about it..... I'm a writer, and a HUGE "cinema" buff. Just dig good acting and good writing even more! My take is this, Red John is not any- one person. Any- one person couldn't be that talented or organized. It has to be an "untouchable" orginazation bent on some fictional accult war or something! Anyways, I hope that's what they do, cuz it would be awesome... Love this show!!!


Great episode! I think Jane's fugue might be carrying over a bit. He complemented Darci's legs, and he was planting a lot of evidence which is odd even for Jane. I love Cho and Summer together, it works really well. I can't believe Red John is trying to get a relationship with Jane, that could end up very weird, or Jane could use it to his advantage.It looks like Craig's on the next episode, don't know what's up with that.


Looking forward to it, we will be surprised by the turn of events I'm sure with the FBI on his tail and more Red John sneaks we will se Jane back in his strength after the last episode which saw him regain his dreadful memories and loss of the happiness he so wished to be allowed to have. Soon, Brett Stiles will be back in his life with more unnerving drama for Jane. I wish the Holidays didn't cut so many shows off for so long but I know Simon appreciated going home for the Holidays, and having good times with family and friends on Bondi Beach.

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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Van Pelt: So who wanted this guy dead?
Lisbon: He was a divorce attorney. Who didn't?

At least he was dead when, you know...the shark ate him.