The Secret Circle Sneak Peek: Don't Cross Me!

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On next week's episode of The Secret Circle, the seeds of discontent between Charles and Dawn finally explode into full-blown bushes of betrayal.

Following Dawn's speech to Ethan on last Thursday's "Witness," which resulted in the latter beating the snot out of Charles and stealing his crystal, watch the following clip from "Medallion" to see just how Charles reacts to this development. Hint: not well.

Elsewhere, as the name of the upcoming episode implies, look for Cassie to continue her investigation into her father's past, while Faye convinces Melissa to try the Devil's Spirit with her. Uh-oh.

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I love Dawn and Charles - How Did We Get Here? You Tried To Kill My Mother. :)
That's should be part of the Evil-Code: No Parent Killing Allowed


Dawn annoys the hell out of me. I just don't like her


I just watch this for Gale,he's so amazing.


where is Cassie's grandmother? :/ I always feel like this series is a bit rushed as in the storyline because they could have done so much more before killing nick off, even though that served as a shock to the viewers


I love how the Charles/Dawn chemistry is evolving! The huge twist will be the comeback of JB! Will D be his bi**h?
Does the medalion keeps the power of JB? Will the circle finally use some magic?

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

There's no room for Jake between us.


She did tell me something disturbing, though. Did you dig up your dad's grave? With Jake?


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