The Secret Circle Sneak Preview: "Medallion"

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The Secret Circle may be headed toward a mini hiatus - new episodes return on February 2 - but at least it gave viewers plenty to ponder heading into next week's break:

John Blackwell is alive. Faye may soon be a drug addict. And Ethan is shadier than we originally believed.

So, where will things go following the events on "Witness?" The next new installment is titled "Medallion" will center on Cassie uniting the circle to fight against the witch hunters. Elsewhere, Ethan will throw a party that causes Cassie to face her true feelings and Melissa joins Faye in experimenting with the Devil's Spirit.

Watch the official promo now:

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love the secret circle


I like cassie with Jake,they have more chemistry that her and adam. Adam annoys me.


I really hope there isn't another Blackwell kid. I like Cassie's unique ness about her and the fact that she can't relate to anyone with a "dark magic problem" besides her father, which could be a reason she is looking so hard for her father. Another person with dark magic ruins that for me.


Jake one episode, Adam the next, and Jake again. Shame, Cassie. Shame. ;)


Yay! Jake & Cassie Make A Great Couple! So Do Diana & Adam I hope The Couples Stay Like That But I Think Jake Is Blackwell 2nd Son =( So That Would Lead Back To Adam & Cassie...Man This Show Is Kinda Confusing..¿? But Well That's What I Like About It
Is That Adam & Diana Kissing In The Car? I'm Happy Again!
BTW I Saw A Photo On Imdb Of Adam & Diana Hugging & Adam Looked So Into It.


I think that Jake is still with the witch hunters and that he only got cassie to look into his memories so he could find out for the witch hunters how to kill a dark witch because they didn't have anyone left who new how


I rread jake and cassie may do a little more than kiss? So exciited jake and cssie look like their destined to be together more than cassie and adam totally. Hope she keeps jake around


Jake and Cassie lying on the floor OMG the hottness !!!! They are perfect ! I hope Cassie has more feelings for him than for Adam ! I ship them sooo hard, they have so much chemistry, Adam just dissapears when Jake and Cassie are in one room together. To me it looks like Cassie is really into Jake, she trusts him and she looked almost relieved when he interupted her kiss with Adam lol !


screw Adam! Jake all the way!


Yes! Jake and Cassie are perfect together :)

The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

There's no room for Jake between us.


She did tell me something disturbing, though. Did you dig up your dad's grave? With Jake?


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