The Secret Circle Review: A Bad Banana

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"Medallion" was full of twists that I felt coming... but I didn't know just how twisted they might get. Some fairly big knots were tied and it seems we will be dealing with the consequences of this episode for some time to come.

A Bonded Circle

It was a cool twist that Cassie was seen in the boat yard 16 years ago. Apparently the memories of some of those who were there had been altered to remember her presence. The woman who came to Cassie was her dad's psychic, to protect him from witch hunters. A surprise revealed she betrayed her circle and Dawn was just waiting for her to come back for the last 16 years.

I've never seen someone on TV buy bananas as overripe as what Dawn pulled out of her shopping bag. She may have good witch skills, but the chick needs to learn to buy better produce! She was also getting unexplained slices down the middle of her hand. It turned out to be a "marking" on the psychic. The psychic marked Dawn, so to speak, and then the psychic had a final mark of her own.

I knew the psychic was off. She was too sweet, and then acted too frightened when Dawn confronted her. Nobody acts like that. Cassie was also too willing to listen to this woman despite of having no actual proof that anything she said was true. Cassie's as reckless as the adults, and they are borderline ridiculous.

No matter how much they try to convince us that there is something preordained in the cards for Cassie and Adam, I don't think Cassie is good enough for him. Diana's speech at Adam's birthday party was amazing. Cassie has known about being a witch for mere months. How can anyone give what she thinks credence just because her parents had dark magic?

Cassie's character isn't alluring or charming enough to be able to change a group of kids who have been friends since birth, lost their parents at the same time and have shared so much. Cassie is my biggest problem with The Secret Circle and until she becomes at least slightly sympathetic it's going to be hard to respect her.

Her realization that the psychic was stealing their powers and turning all bad ass at the end didn't feel right. Britt Robertson can't pull that off without making me want to laugh. Maybe that's part of the process. They have to make her unappealing and want us to fight against her in order to convince us to want to fight with her when it's really needed.

For now, I can't stop thinking she was a plain teenage girl until very recently, and she's not handling her new life very well. Her new friends had been on a pretty decent path prior to her arrival. Now they are falling apart. What do you think? Is Cassie a good addition to the circle and a good influence on them? Is she just a bad banana? What might the show have been like if it had taken longer for her to show up in town? I would have liked to more time with the original semi-circle before she arrived.

Check out the quotes and come back tomorrow for an updated section of The Secret Circle music in order to glean more fun information from "Medallion."


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im sorry to say but the reviewer was totally mistaken about Cassie's character..she is a pretty good girl and it's not her fault that she posesses dark magic...she has been trying hard to deal with it...understand it or let's say control it....but this thing is taking control over her...with time..she is get a good person and i think that her feelings for both Jake and Adam are real but pretty different...she sees her "soulmate" in Adam....but there is no passion there....although in Jake...she finds passion and acceptance...for what she really is...she isnt afraid to let her true self show...neither her power!with Adam it's just "NOT RIGHT".He is superprotective and weak as a character...he is selfish and irritating...i don't like him very much!



I love this show to the max. So much so, that im half stepped between this and Charmed. I recently got my husband and house mates into both shows and he's still watching reruns of the episodes past. Cassie and Jake belong together. Adam needs to hook back up with his ex, and faye needs to wake up and smell the lack of power without the circle. But i sense her friend is going to turn into an addict with the devils snare stuff. All in all, i think more stuff could have been added and taken out. (Edited) I could write better stuff, (and I do) but this show is very cool, i look forward to season 8. lol


Cassie is irritating


Still don't like Adam. He's too possessive over Cassie when he has no right to be. Cassie needs to keep herself in check as well. Her desperation to find out about the fire, her dark magic, and her father has lead to make bad choices and trust blindly. Wake up girl! Take a damn breather and calm the hell down.

Strawberry fields

I'm still Team Cake. My favourite scene this week was when Cassie asked Jake if he ever killed a witch and he just went silent. If, knowing that about him, she decides that she wants to be with him, that will be truly big and honest thing. Jake hooking up with Faye was just the fallout of Cassie pushing him away. Cassie said she's not like him, but I think it's just defense. He gets her. He was the first person she told about being able to do magic by herself. Of all people she asked him to help her with the medallion and he was also the first one to know that she found it. She took him to dig up her father's grave and to see Lucy. It's like she instinctively tells him everything. I really like the vibe between Melissa and Callum. He's trouble, no doubt about that, but I just can't help it - I like them. I can't wait for John Blackwell to show up. Cassie calling for "daddy" at the end of the episode was… wow.

Strawberry fields

Cassie needs to stop trusting random people. Ok, Lucy looked genuinely freaked out and I would probably believe her too, but not to the point where I would agree to do the ritual. Don't get me wrong, I liked how Cassie was not afraid to experiment with her magic, confront people and ask questions. But there are people who want her dead. If I was her, I would always assume every new person I meet is one of them. As for the whole struggle with her dark side - it's not good vs evil, it's weak vs strong. Her power makes her tough, I really don't understand why would anyone think it's a bad thing. Why does Adam think that Jake is pulling her to evil when Jake was the first person who warned her about it? Jake believes she can handle it and I think he's right to push her. No offence to Adam, but the Circle magic is not enough. Yeah, I know he's worried, but he's trying to control her, he gets mad like he has a right to tell her what she should and shouldn't do and it really pisses me off.


Also she did just lose her mother so Cassie wanting to search for her father in that sense is also completely normal. She doesn't think about the consequences of her actions on the way, but I digress.


I know my last comment may have been phrased awkwardly but I hope the point came across regardless. I'm just trying to say that Cassie looking for some kind of cure so that she doesn't become what she and everyone else is scared of her being is normal. The way she goes about it is reckless, but she wants these answers so badly she's beyond caring. Then again, I never like the good, nice main characters. It's why I love Revenge. I like characters that unsympathetic, reckless and wreck havoc like there's no tomorrow.


I never say this, but I think the reviewer is being a little too harsh on Cassie. Cassie lost her mother. A month later, she's in an entirely new town with a grandmother she never really talked to. She's in a new place. With new people. And new friends. Powers that are new to her. An entirely new life than the one she'd ever thought she'd have. Cassie searching for her father is normal- everyone wants a father figure in their life if they've never had one. Cassie also has something inside her she can't control. If you had a mental disorder that no one had but you, and assuming the disorder was genetic, your father had it too, wouldn't you want answers? Advice? Guidance? You would be desperate for answers, like Cassie is. She's a teenager who's bound to make selfish, on a whim mistakes. It's better than her being a perfect Mary-Sue than can do no wrong.

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She did tell me something disturbing, though. Did you dig up your dad's grave? With Jake?


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