The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Pic: A Salvatore Shove

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As already-released photos from the February 9 episode of The Vampire Diaries depict, things are about to get fancy for our favorite Mystic Falls residents. At least for one night.

But just because Damon is donning a black tie, that doesn't mean he isn't capable of some unruly behavior. Based on the following picture, another party-goer finds that out the hard, long way on "Dangerous Liaisons." But who? And why?

We'll find out soon enough. For now, take your best guess and remember to remain on this vampire's good side.

Pushed by Damon

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He pushed Kol . GO DAMON !

David and sabrina 2014

Looking at this picture does remind me of season 1 episode 18. It would be pretty messed up if that person being pushed down by Damon was Stefan. If it was Klaus, then I would definitely be proud of Damon, but if it's somebody else, then I don't really care. I can't wait to see what happens on this episode next week. =) =P


I think Damon gets from witches a power and there will be a fair battle between the originals and him:))


Throwing Stefan off a balcony is stupid and serves no purporse whatsoever. It's one of the other Original brothers. Damon wouldn't dare touch Elijah or Klaus. Elijah has proven more than once than he can beat Damon up without even batting an eyelash and Damon also had so many opportunities to attack Klaus and yet he never did. Actually, in 3x12 he kinda looked scared of him, so it's either Kol or Finn. My bet is on Kol, he's the youngest.


I hope it's Klaus. That would be great. For once I would applaud Damon's madness! Looks like tails Klaus would wear!


I think it may be Klaus. If you look at the other pictures realeased they don't show the bottom of Klaus's jacket, which leads me to think this. It's also not STefan because the bottom of his jacket is short and similar style to Damons.


i can't imagine who can be the person or vampire or hybrid,which damon drop out,but now i'm thinking it,it can be and klaus.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I just hope it is not Elijah being thrown out cos imagine how funny would that be if he fell on the ground...right onto a dagger.. Considering ELijah is TVD's own resident Kenny and considering the "quality" of writing lately, that would....not surprise me, actually...


I just hope it is not Elijah being thrown out cos imagine how funny would that be if he fell on the ground...right onto a dagger..

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