The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Pic: A Salvatore Shove

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As already-released photos from the February 9 episode of The Vampire Diaries depict, things are about to get fancy for our favorite Mystic Falls residents. At least for one night.

But just because Damon is donning a black tie, that doesn't mean he isn't capable of some unruly behavior. Based on the following picture, another party-goer finds that out the hard, long way on "Dangerous Liaisons." But who? And why?

We'll find out soon enough. For now, take your best guess and remember to remain on this vampire's good side.

Pushed by Damon

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cannot wait for this episode it looks so good x


I think it might be either Elijah or maybe even Klaus. The length of his jacket seems rather long, and those images of the episode show Stefan wearing a shorter coat, similar to the one Damon's wear in length. I'm kind of assuming Elijah & Klaus wear longer coats/jackets. Klaus strikes me as a tailcoat kind of guy. It suits him.


Reminds me of the Damon/John scene from Season 1.


I think it's Elijah...We saw a photo of him chocking Damon so i guess this is Damon striking back!


I hope it's stefan - after stefan tries to get back into elena's good books and dances with her.


The brothers fight over the girl.. classic situation.


I doubt it is Stefan, cos Stefan is not wearing a tux, and the guy being thrown down is wearing a tux.


@M:Do i have to?or do you think i just made it up and say it,nope.if u wanna know where i read them check the forum,is that o.k with you?


I think it's Stefan. I predict that Damon catches Stefan and Elena kissing, gets so angry he pushes Stefan off the balcony. There's a rumor that says there's suppose to be an unexpected kiss in this episode. We won't know until then.


i say it is Klaus cause the person is wearing a tux with tails. Klaus is the only one in pictures that is wearing that

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