CSI Review: Diebenkorn, and I Don't Care

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It appears that we have met the “Yin” to Zen Master Diebenkorn Russell’s “Yang." Indeed, welcome to CSI “blood whisperer” Julie Finlay.

I have to start with the biggest shocker: DB’s full first name is Diebenkorn. Really? I so didn't see that coming. Actually, there were a few unexpected moments between DB and Julie in "Seeing Red" that indicated we have just scratched the surface of the deeper relationship between these two.

DB Russell with Julie "Fin" Finlay

The first clue was Julie’s insistence that they will never speak of the past. Second, was her comment about how “we know how it ended last time.” Third, you have DB and Julie both confirming how long she had been out of the game while she was wearing her a Seattle CSI vest. Lastly, there was the brief moment of Julie being snarky when she commented about DB’s wife not being around when he made a social visit. 

Allow me to do my own CSI-style deductions.

Her familiarity with DB - enough to sit in his chair and tease him about “Zen Master” - tells me that Julie and DB have a history. Not only do they have a history, but it is older than his marriage, as DB did not come to the defense of his wife when Julie went into sarcastic mode. Only time I’ve see a person accept someone else being snarky about their spouse is if they knew that person before they met said spouse. 

And my final deduction is that whatever caused Julie to quit the Seattle CSI was related to a falling out with DB. This is clear from her comment about not wanting to talk about the past and cutting him off about how long she’s been out of the CSI game; she clearly misses the work and doesn’t want to be reminded why she left or how long she’s been away.  

Honestly, I was a little surprised how comfortable both Elizabeth Shue and Ted Danson were in their interactions already. It made for some great quotes this week. They made me think of some of Gil’s and Catherine’s interactions. Well... maybe closer to Catherine and Warrick, if the tension I felt was as sexual as it appeared.

As for the case itself, I really liked the twist in this case with Wes actually being the bad guy and not being able to remember it. The final scene with Jesse McCartney's character and Nick couldn’t help but tug at your heart strings a bit. 

A good case with a twist and fun interactions, that’s a recipe for success every time! Does anyone else agree that season 12 is really shaping up to be one of the best to date?

What did you think of Shue as Julie? Did you like the banter and interaction between DB and Julie? I think she’s a good addition to the show and I can’t wait to see how things grow from here. 


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I think he just made that name up to make the little girl laugh... :)


Is Diebenkorn even a real name? I mean it makes sense as a last name, but what were his parents thinking when they named him?!? Imagine going through school with that name...BRUTAL...


Wow Ted Danson is aging well!! Loving this season and now with a Newby coming in as well, can feel that sexual tension and flirting!


I love the new cast and as for D.B. and Finn, I think they are a father and an estranged daughter. That are trying to work something out that happened in the past.


Danson & Shue don't fit in CSI. They acted terrible in CSI.


I have always watched csi ny but now ted danson and liz shue are on csi vegas I think its getting better hope to c them both next season


CSI has reached the level of CSI Miami. It just keeps getting worser and worser. The scripts seem to be worse. The acting gets worse with each new actor. Can't take it anymore. Goodbye CSI.


Sorry, Ms. Shue is totally wrong for this show. I have been under the impression that CSI Miami was the home for actors who can't act, but apparently there's a spot on this show for one as well. Just hope she doesn't take up too much space or time.


I have never watched CSI regularly, but started when Ted Danson arrived this year. I think it's been great, and I think that Elizabeth Shue will also work well. And I also think their former relationship will have been professional; I read somewhere that DB had fired her before and I would hate for it to have been for personal rather than professional reasons. I like the way DB is so close to his wife, what with the calls, etc. And as was asked earlier, Where was Brass?


i really LIKED it....i think tptb learned from their mistake with fishburn....his character didn't know ANYTHING about CSI work....he was a doctor....and had to be trained...BOTH danson and shue's characters have WORKED in CSI labs before....so there is NO slow training thing.....i wasn't sure at first, but shue i think will work. alisa

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CSI Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Julie: Think you're getting kind of forgetful. Must be all that "zen master - living in the moment stuff."
Russell: [smiles] Yeah.

Russell: Wish me luck.
Henry: Where you going?
Russell: We need a blood-whisperer.