CSI Review: Habitat for Inhumanity

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What makes a house a home? Is it the love we feel for each other? Is it the care and attention we put into decorating it? Or, as in the case of the Hicks family, is it the number of deaths that that occur because of it?

Once you can look past the ignored logistics of moving a house (permits, detaching it correctly, neighbor notifications, time to plan, etc.) "Stealing Home" was a unique and entertaining twist on the typical “who done it” story we tend to get with CSI. This is even truer when you add in the twist like Debbie not being dead, the guy in the wall not being Walter, but finding out that the guy in the wall was Marla’s real father.  

Nick Introducing Finn to Hodges

And no respectable episode about a moving (or flying) house is complete without a nod to The Wizard of Oz. The legs with bring red sneakers sticking out from under the house. Classic!

Beyond the weekly story, what really made this episode for me was getting to see Finn begin to fit into the team. I loved the zinger she had with Hodges about his tentacle porn, a nice tease from the first episode this season, and who doesn't love a woman who can wield a chainsaw?? 

The big news we learned was that DB did fire her in Seattle from Greg. DB must be one helluva boss to come work for him again after being let go. When I think about it, I can count on one finger the number of bosses that fired me I would work for again, and then it would be reluctantly at best.

I think Elisabeth Shue did a great job on her second outing. The final scene with DB where they discussed how great the team was and how they both didn't want history to repeat itself set up some foreshadowing for future episodes.

What I’m most curious about is if we are going to see a romantic connection to anyone in the lab. My bet would be on Hodges. I know some will disagree, but she seems to like the brainy type and after Wendy leaving Hodges deserves a full blown romantic involvement.  

What do you think? If you could, who would you pick to romantically pair up with Finn? Nick? Greg? Brass?! Or am I just suffering from post-Valentine Days withdrawals and hoping for romance when I shouldn't?  


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@Aly It was Jeff Kober. He was on China Beach/Sons of Anarchy. Loved him on China Beach.


Shue to the rescue! Why have the other cast members when Ms. Shue can not only solve the cases on her own, she's a one-person know it all.


We're trying to figure out what actor played Walter in this episode. We recognize him but just can't quite place him. Anyone know?


It appears I have insulted Ms. Shue in error. She is not the bad actor that would fit in nicely with CSI Miami. She did a much better job in this episode, although her character is written with too much glitz and not enough substance. I suspect that will improve as the writers fine tune her character. William Peterson is surely missed, but if the show had started with Danson, he would be missed just as much. He's doing a great job and the show is still enjoyable.


No, I can't see anything happening with Hodges, but I wish they'd get over putting him down in every episode. He's very competent even if he's a brown-noser. If more effort was put into styling him we'd have long known he's the best looking guy to be in that cast since the gorgeous Warrick got written off.
This episode was merely OK . I get that they want to add a comedic aspect to things but there's no way the suspects would still be squabbling over a house that was broken in two already, especially that one: it looked like an 18-wheeler's trailer with shingles on it. When I heard a handyman had been hired to fix it I laughed out loud. When something like this wears out, its not even worth tearing down for scraps so why would you hire someone to work on it? And how could any work on that matchbox take long enough for romance to bloom?


Most entertaining CSI espisodes this season. Made me think of the first shows when CSI started. I love the red shoes..house gone missing. So many plot twists. Nicely done, CSI.

Uss biddle dlg 34

Dumped this show when Grissom left....Basic Cablers must be keeping this show on its Green Mile.


I miss Grissom. I miss Warrick. I miss Sara, Greg, and Nick working together. So far, every episode this season with 2 bodies ends up being connected. CSI is a new show from what it was for 8 seasons--just announce "Same Name, New Show" ! Danson looks like he's snickering in every shot. Shue will be Catherine 2--she'll be kissy-kissy with every man in the lab before many weeks go by. Greg disappears after one scene, Sara fades into the background, and Nick drives the truck. Everything else is done by the fair-haired Fin and the snow-capped DB. Who cares about anyone else? I'm thinking of turning to SVU and watching Harry Connick!
The chain saw scene--what was that? Fin manages to start the saw and walks around with it running? Please---she couldn't pass a polygraph and she can't run a chain saw safely--WHY was she hired??


The Ted Danson character could do with a little less eye-rolling and enigmatic shrugs. Times like these make me long for the studied professionalism of Grissome, which by the way, made the show the hit that it became.


You're suffering from post-Valentine Days withdrawals. There's no need for office romance. Absolutley not. Sure some banter and perhaps some flirty eyes but nothing more. The characters can have their romances off screen but with small mentions now and then, perhasp a glimpse or two. I'd love to see glimpses of their life besides work but in SMALL doses. This is a forensic show with room for lots of mystery. I love to see the characters work the puzzles and how it affects them. That is how we get to know and love the characters. This is not meant to be a love drama. LOVE CSI and is very excited to see this episode. (Yes, I haven't seen it yet but had to spoil myself)

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CSI Season 12 Episode 15 Quotes

Hodges: 528, that's the right address
Nick: As opposed to the other houses that were stolen last night?

Sarah: Your saying when you went to work last night your wife was in the house and now they are both missing.
Dwayne: Yes, that is what I'm trying to tell you people!
Nick: Think someone was after the house or the wife?