CSI Review: A Killer Make-Over

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Our first post-Catherine episode of CSI, "Tressed to Kill," may have also been the most eerie offering so far this season. I can safely say that I didn’t see the murderer being a mama’s boy, with a hair fetish, fulfilling a desire to make women over in her image and then kill them.

This episode officially creeped me out, and I don’t think I will ever be able to listen to Charlie Rich’s “The Most Beautiful Girl” again without the images of the first victim popping into my head. 

Wig Shop Hunt

I also have to give full props to Charlie Brewster.... I mean William Ragsdale. Although he played a schmuck recently on Justified, I didn’t see him being the culprit; my money was on the son Adam Kemp (David Gallagher) from the moment he and his vapid mother came on screen. 

I knew going into this episode it was going to be a transition episode with Catherine was gone, yet Elizabeth Shue's Julie not yet on board. Transition episodes usually involve the characters all reminiscing about the exiting character so we know they really are gone.

What I was surprised by was how many references or discussions about Catherine there were, including Russell calling her at the end. I love Danson as DB, but this is the first scene he has done on CSI that I felt could have been better. It would have had more of an impact had he being doing it face-to-face with another character such as Brass. After all, Brass and Russell made up almost all our best quotes this week anyway. 

Maybe I’m a cynic when it comes to exiting characters. I know Catherine and DB bonded over her last few episodes, but having him attempt to play on that connection felt forced and awkward to me. Maybe if they had done one cut away to Catherine on the other end of that conversation it would have worked better.

Did anyone else feel like Sarah’s attempt to comfort DB seemed far from genuine? Granted, being “comforting” has never been Sarah’s strong suit, but balanced against DB, there was something kind of flat about it. Sorry, Sarah, I’m sure you’re great at poker with your expressionless face.  

Let’s hope the dynamics all change for the better next week when Julie Finley joins the team. Of course, I've enjoyed nearly everything she did in the 80s and 90s (except for the Back to the Future movies,) so there every chance I’m going to like her right from the start. Anyone else looking forward to Shue's addition to the show?


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I like Ted Danson on here more & more each week! I also have never been a Sara fan, hopefully Shue makes a good fit.


CSI is a good show except for Sara. She is annoying and rude. Grissom let her get away with murder but kept a tight rein on every other team member. It made sense when I realized he was sleeping with her but it gave me concerns about Grissoms taste in lovers. If that got rid of Sara I'm sure a lot of former csi viewers would return.


i thought it was good....never been a big fan of sara....as for the phone convo. with catherine at the end: marg had filmed her exit and NO other stuff, from what i understand....and it would have been too soon for her, i'm guessing....nick has ALWAYS been a deeply feeling person...i seem to remember, that he stood and looked in grissom's office....before he was offered it....and i agree about danson, he FITS alot better then the other guy....that nate storyline pulled his character down. alisa


CSI is alot better now, without fishburn


Agree with you completely about DB's phone call to Catherine. It was completely superfluous. As was Nick's longing, pining stare at the her empty desk.
As for DB, the character, Love it! It has in my mind rejuvenated the show. I was never a big Danson fan, but he nails this character.
Also much preferred are the single-episode solves. The show seemed bogged down during Fishburne's run. There were elements of the Nate Haskell arc that were good, but the dragging out of the single plot plodded on way too long.
Very few shows can survive major cast changes, CSI has proven that the show is bigger than any individual character.


This was a good episode, like you the references to Catherine was "she's gone" and I'm sure we won't hear her name mentioned again as they did the same with Grissom and Warrick. On CSI, after you leave--you are G-O-N-E and forgotten.
The scene with Sara (it does not have "h" on it) and DB was pretty much in character--Sara has never been one for bonding with co-workers! Almost as if she is trying to make an effort!
Shue has big shoes to fill--never watched her in anything, but she definitely needs some work on her hair!! (CSI needs to hire a good hair dresser--never had a good one!)
AND Brass!! At last he got some good lines, even if his screen time is much diminished. I'm forcasting we see less and less of the long time guys and more of DB, and the 2 blondes.

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CSI Season 12 Episode 13 Quotes

Bottom line, some creep took your hair, don't let him mess with your head.


Russell: Have any of the girls seen anything?
Brass: So far no.
Russell: This guy's a ghost.