Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: "The Backup Dan"

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The Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl has been released. What does it reveal?

With the exception of one Chair scene at the end, not a lot. It's mostly "G.G." clips.

Still, it's worth checking out, as is the gallery of Dair photos we posted earlier. Last we saw of them, they were on their way somewhere (the airport, it turns out). Will Chuck meet up with her there or elsewhere?

Whatever happens in the coming weeks, Blair Waldorf clearly has a couple of guys who care a lot about her in Chuck and Dan. She's a lucky girl ... save for the whole loveless marriage thing. Louis is going down!

Check out the Canadian teaser for "The Backup Dan" and see what you think ...

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    I just can't stand what they're having Blair do to Chuck. As much as he's messed up in the past, there was never a doubt that he wanted to be with her- he would screw up royally and she would dump him, but it was clear how much he still loved her. But now he's doing everything right, and she just keeps rejecting him. It's getting painful to watch.


    @K and @BLABLABLAH Ikr, even Ed Westwick can't stand his own character, the same probably goes to Leighton who's character has been thoroughly trashed by the horrible writing.

    It really doesn't matter how much Chuck's character 'changes' because it's ultimately meaningless. It
    s just more of this over dramatic back and forth crap.


    Aaaaarghhhhh, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS WHOLE CHAIR-THING! "I want you" "I can't be with you" "I can't live without you" "I have to let you go" "I will always love you" "You should be with me" "you are happier without me" Just move on for crying out loud! The characters are getting more and more pathetic after every episode.


    I too am tired of the weepy and whiny Blair Waldorf. Where's the girl with all the spunk, who made us fall in love with despite the fact she was a raging bitch sometimes?

    I dont even know what to think of the Chuck/Blair love affair anymore.


    WHy is Chuck so convinced that he needs to be with Blair? last year he dated Eva and Raina both of which he seemed to care about a lot. Now it is only Blair for him? Last year they made it look like it was Eva who made him better (she showed him sharing his wealth with poorer ones could make him happier), then Raina (who showed him the value of family). He hated Blair for being manipulative and playing games, now he can only be with her? Why is there no consistency in this show?


    I would prefer that Blair and Chuck end up back together but mainly I'd like to see Blair (Leighton) get back to the original character she played on the show! She is a great actress and we haven't got to see that at all this year. The scheming and her (Blair's) sense of (cruel) humor needs to come back....We all started watching this show and fell in love with the characters because of who they were. It use to be fun to watch...while the characters definitely should have evolved in 5 years...I just don't think they should go that far from what they were originally...what made them great and so much fun to watch....what made us tune in every week. Here's to hoping this show ends the season in a good way that will leave the loyal viewers happy that they stuck it out through a not so great season.


    @T everyone in the cast want to leave because they said they are ready to move on and do other things with their career. like leighton (i think that is how to spell her name because i am bad with spelling and i am bad with names) said that she wants to do movies and music but no one can't said that because that will get them fire/that might even ruin their careers.


    @jasmine what happen in season 3?


    @Ace canada is always about clair.


    @T I am serious; (putting dair aside) i read it from an interview at the beginning of this season.

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