Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: "The Backup Dan"

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The Canadian promo for Monday's Gossip Girl has been released. What does it reveal?

With the exception of one Chair scene at the end, not a lot. It's mostly "G.G." clips.

Still, it's worth checking out, as is the gallery of Dair photos we posted earlier. Last we saw of them, they were on their way somewhere (the airport, it turns out). Will Chuck meet up with her there or elsewhere?

Whatever happens in the coming weeks, Blair Waldorf clearly has a couple of guys who care a lot about her in Chuck and Dan. She's a lucky girl ... save for the whole loveless marriage thing. Louis is going down!

Check out the Canadian teaser for "The Backup Dan" and see what you think ...

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Uh.... seriously? This is the promo for the Back Up Dan? Cause, all but the last five seconds were scenes from the 100th episode. Come on Canada! I expect better promos from you...


that "i love you, you should be with me. i can't be with you" chair scene again for the umpteenth time....tsk tsk tsk BORED NOW! do we really have to watch the same scene over and over again. seriously writers, you just change the location and what they're wearing.


@BriannaBass lmao! So true!!


in this way,it would have be making sense instead of this absurd square-love thing, which not only ruin the main couple's magic, but divided the show's fanbase so much that only half of them could be happy and on the top of that so for them to maintain this who-blair-will-choose status.. RUIN BLAIR eventually! Well done gg writers! Now i can say that my favorite character on the show isthe recurring Georgina Sparks...until you make her also suck(I don't know she became Gossip Girl because serena and blair weren't playing with her on the schoolyard when little, so georgina is sensitive and all)


oh my god!!! i'm sick of this.. chuck begging blair for a season and a half, watch them say how much they love each other only to conclude they have to let each other go?! what the fuck?!Put them together and do not split them again or put a final closure~! It has become so unrealistc- Blair's character especially this season makes non-sense at all..plus i cant stand all the sadness in chuck's face everytime she walks away without a solid reason!(ed is the best actor on the show seriously)They have lost their sparkle thanks to the writers indecision! If they wanted to make dair happen(which is fine) it should have probably be done before prince came so now chuck would have saved blair and live happily ever after(Chair is supposed to be endgame bilt up from season 1)

Uncle jackass

I'm thinking rather than whine about the plots so far, spend your brain power in making the Chair Tribute Video: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2012/... Compared to Dair Tribute Video, the source material to make a Chair video should last until 2013. And it wasn't easy finding a good interaction material between Dan and Blair.




It's just sad that Chuck and Blair are in a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Their storyline made sense at the beginning. Chuck left her at the helipad because they were still teenagers and he wasn't ready for a relationship, and that poured into season 2 with their games etc. OK, I get that because it worked for the characters. But now throughout these later seasons, all I can think is what the heck is going on? The writers could have had their relationship progress more logically into a mature relationship. It has been nothing but ridiculous nonsense like Chuck losing his memory and trading Blair for a hotel and Blair making a pact with God. Really? Fish or cut bait. For the final season, imo, they either need to be together or never be together again. It's just becoming tedious to watch.


Oh dear. Chuck face-palmed, face in hands. What could Blair have said to elicit that reaction?

Brianna bass

Is Blair wearing a sweatshirt? Jeez.. the world really IS ending in 2012..

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