Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Cross Rhodes"

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It looks like Ivy will be back in effect on Gossip Girl this month. Yay?

In the February 20 episode, "Cross Rhodes" (clever), "Dan feels honored when he learns that Upright Citizen’s Brigade is performing excerpts from his book, Inside," according to the CW's official synopsis.

Meanwhile, "Blair tries to prove Serena's suspicions wrong in order to save their friendship." Suspicions about what, we don't know exactly, but we have a feeling Humphrey may be involved somehow.

Finally, "On her way out of town, Ivy ends up on a collision course with the van der Woodsens." Hey, you knew it had to happen sooner or later. The only question is how, and whether Lola is also in the mix.

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In case anyone's unclear about the schedule, "The Backup Dan" airs Monday, with "Crazy, Cupid Love" the week after (February 13) and then "Cross Rhodes." Share your predictions with us below!

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That preview was less about the episode and more about us liking the people that work on GG...They're actually proud of this steaming pile of crap they call a storyline...? You know when the Big Man Upstairs is brought in as a plot device and that STILL doesn't work, you're screwed. Jesus may have "saved" Georgina but his dad sure any doing any favors for the show time around. No offense Dair fans but this sounds like Chair ending to me...
They basically implied that we all knew they'd end up together but we just dont know how yet. Personally, Im not on either side but I don't see Dan and Blair getting together. Im just hoping for some coherent writing...The States doesn't grant divorces without consent? I'm Canadian so I have no idea but that seems weird with 51 states all having different rules on marriage that there isn't one that won't give Blair a divorce. Instead she has to go to the Dominican Republic or some such thing?


Consistent** We spell good in Canadaland.


Thank you Dr. Holland. I agree completely! The fans wars are silly. They were almost this bad when there was Blair and Nate and Blair and Chuck. I've been whining for years about Blair making up her freaking mind or being a single, powerful woman. I've been lucky enough to find my soulmate, it ain't always easy but my feelings have been consisted. Clearly, the same can not be said of Blair.

Dr hollis

OK, I've figured out a way to improve GG's ratings and solve all of the ship wars -- Chuck/Blair/Dan. Both Dan and Chuck have had threesomes on the show before, and in the books, both are bi. Let 'em share Blair, since apparently, neither the writers nor half of fandom cares who she loves and wants to be with. That would make both Chair and Dair fanatics happy. (Of course, I'm kidding. But the fan wars are really silly and tiresome. No one is better or worse than another person because of the couple you ship! The fact that I prefer Chair to Dair (and others want Dair over Chair) doesn't need to be analyzed, LOL. We all just like what we like.)


wow dair is truly epic!


@Meep If the writers continue to ruin all of the relationships and characters, Chuck/Dan might be interesting, but the writers could also ruin that too as well.


I really hope they don't ruin DAIR....why can't two people be friends? If they get into a relationship there won't be anymore whitty banter or Dan being there for Blair, or Blair relying on Dan to get out of mischief. It will just be Dan struggling to hold onto Blair. If that plays out, Chuck and Dan might as well get together as endgame, bonding over their struggle to hold onto the enigma that is Blair Waldorf.


@ Master.mikmik:
Yes. That. Which is the reason why I'm convinced they are going to Dair, b/c really, who would stupid enough as to throw something like that away?? Crazyness.


They are like butchering Dair. srsly.. it's making me a bit sick..
like, fine. I get it.. the actually natural couple will never happen.. and we will have to endure Blair and Chuck coming lovingly together in secret rooms of great parties. Fine. (this is coming btw, from a once HUGE Chair fan. They used to make me so happy.. now they just make me yawn and/or mad)
But must this Dair bashing continue? I'm mean, is it really necessary to do it so obvious? The writers dont want Dair, coz they fear the wrath of Chair fans? I get it.. but to keep downgrading the only properly built relationship is this show is just making fun of actual loyal fans of the show.. the ones that keep track and pay attention to what's going on..
I've been thinking this for a while now.. but if the show doesn't pick up, I see this few next episodes as tha last ones i'll be watching. and that is a real shame.


@Dr Holland A M/Gary Sue doesn't mean they're perfect, it's the way they're treated compared to everyone else, fans are different from the writers who can't write, so they continue this on/off crap until the series finally ends. Chuck's character has been glorified as a tragic hero, everyone else is constantly belittled for Chuck. Blair's character (esp. this season) has been reduced to a pathetic character who constantly whines/cheats with Chuck/wants to marry Louis to be a princess, in Season 4, the show portrays Chuck as some hero who saved Blair from the cartoonish villain: Charles Thorpe. That's why they devoted the midseason finale/premiere on Chuck's well-being, which wasn't really a cliffhanger since it's obvious he survived. That's why they ditched the Dan/Blair work storyline in Season 4 and went straight for the stupid Louis/Blair/Chuck triangle. It won't be long before they ruin Dan for the 'epic' Chuck/Blair where they'll spout horribly cliched lines at each other.

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