Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Cross Rhodes"

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It looks like Ivy will be back in effect on Gossip Girl this month. Yay?

In the February 20 episode, "Cross Rhodes" (clever), "Dan feels honored when he learns that Upright Citizen’s Brigade is performing excerpts from his book, Inside," according to the CW's official synopsis.

Meanwhile, "Blair tries to prove Serena's suspicions wrong in order to save their friendship." Suspicions about what, we don't know exactly, but we have a feeling Humphrey may be involved somehow.

Finally, "On her way out of town, Ivy ends up on a collision course with the van der Woodsens." Hey, you knew it had to happen sooner or later. The only question is how, and whether Lola is also in the mix.

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In case anyone's unclear about the schedule, "The Backup Dan" airs Monday, with "Crazy, Cupid Love" the week after (February 13) and then "Cross Rhodes." Share your predictions with us below!

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Uncle jackass

Well, this being the episode of titled Cross Rhodes which is based on the 2002 movie "Crossing Roads" with a coming of age flop about Britney Spear's journey to 'find themselves.' I'm starting to see a trend in this season's plot. You have the 100th episode based on 'Gigi' but it felt more similar to the incoherent and undesirable 2003 'Gigli' movie with Ben Affleck and Jlo ending. The next episode is based on the 2010 movie "The Back Up plan" which was a formulaic non sense. Of course, I kid... We all make judgements on characters and plots. It's about being human and flawed. Just like Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf.

Dr hollis

@CrAZychicke - you and I agree. You're a Dair fan, I like Chair, but I'm not just watching for ships. I am interested in all the other storylines. But at this point, the only people keeping me watching are Georgina (and soon!!) Jack Bass. @Anonymous - I don't know that I'd call Chuck a Gary Stu. If any character's a screenwriter's Gary Stu, it's Dan. Chuck is (just like he was in the books) the UES whipping boy. Some fans think he's the very worst and should have stayed in Paris w/ Eva, others think he's a "poor little rich boy" who was dealt an unfair hand. Chuck reminds me of some of the awful billionaire's kids who were interviewed for Jamie Johnson's documentary Born Rich. For me, it's been fascinating watching a totally amoral teenaged boy who could buy anything he wanted (except for what matters most) grow up.


I'm out if Dair happens as I like them as friends. No need to play out the oops with your male friend and then regret the oops storyline.


@Will It's no more contrived compared to the rest of this awful show. @Iz Overreacting much? The show pretty much treats Chuck like a Gary Stu and how he's supposedly a 'dark knight', even the actor doesn't like his character anymore. All of the side characters are just used as props to glorify his character and what a poor tortured soul he is. @anastasia Blair (especially this season) and Dan are both flawed characters. Serena did sleep with Nate, which is why she and Blair had that fight in season 1. Blair has no room to talk since she constantly cheated with Chuck behind Louis' back and they were engaged at that time, making it worse, especially since she only wants to be in a loveless situation to be a princess and to fulfill her ridiculous pact with God.


yes a little judgemental in season 1-4 but in season 5 not with his book


dont tell me to calm down its my opinion i dont hate DAIR ? but i hate that they make blair so weak, i am a chair shipper but i dont hate dair i think it needs to happend so that they can move on both and blair can be blair again


Ugh, I hate Ivy...
I don't understand why the writers insist on dragging this stupid storyline out for the entire season. It's so forced and ridiculous. The actress who plays her is terrible. I want her gone!


@anastasia calm down man damn


@olivia why are you so mad at a tv show character which doesn't exist in real life?


GOD NO I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HIS BOOK!!! or him by the way.This episode probably SUCK

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