Hawaii Five-0 Episode Promo: "Kupale"

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Hawaii Five-0 celebrated Valentine's Day last Monday, as McGarrett showed viewers his soft, loving side.

But things will take a dark turn in just a couple days, as the murder victim is a man dressed like a Hawaiian Na Koa warrior and he's discovered in a jungle near the site of a war reenactment. WTH?!? Exactly.

Check out the official CBS preview below for "Kupale."

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Don't get excited I think and feel that she will be back next season!


Yay, hooray! Lori is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Looking forward to this episode. Look interesting to say the least. I hope it is just about this one mystery and not all over the place. Focus on the one story and the main characters once again.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Steve: Time travel doesn't exist.
Max: On the contrary, there are several theories....
Danny: With all due respect. For argument sake, let's say this man didn't own a Delorian and is from the 21st century.

Danny: You ruined my frittata.
Steve: I put it out of its misery.