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After last week's How I Met Your Mother, fans were expecting something big as a followup - and the C&C Mother Factory stepped up and delivered with "No Pressure."

After the rooftop redo, no one was griping about the possibility of Ted and Robin getting back together more so than me, but my hat goes off those of you who so accurately noted in your comments how Ted and Robin had to end up back together, if even for a few fleeting moments, in order to finally close out the chapter of their on again/off again relationship.

Barney in Lily and Marshall's Bed

Adult Ted hinted that this day would come back in "Ducky Tie" after Victoria pointed out how living together with Robin was never going to work, and tonight - albeit with some help from Marshall - Robin moved out. 

Finally, we saw a Ted who was ready to meet the girl with the yellow umbrella, but as we saw in that Thomas Crown Affair-like scene, finding the right umbrella is going to prove difficult. "Mother" fans, though, had to be happy with the storyline progression that this installment offered up, even if things like Barney telling Ted he was over Robin and Marshall's closing "not yet" line served to keep us second guessing ourselves.

For those of you who are not as consumed with the mother scenario, there was also plenty of amazing "filler," for lack of a better word, featuring Barney, Marshall and Lily. Loved the carry over from "The Drunk Train" and Barney's perverted pillow talk with Lily that I noted featured some of the best quotes of the week.

Barney was on fire, whether it was using some of his vintage catchphrases like "challenge accepted" or calling on Consuela and the girls to help him clean up. What was perhaps his best moment did not entail him saying a single word, however, but rather featured him lip syncing and dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" in the backseat of Marshall and Lily's car on the way to and from Ted and Stella's wedding. 

I liked the flashbacks, which featured HIMYM icons such as the blue French Horn, as well as the introduction of new things like "Long Term Bets," which I hope will continue to be referenced in the future. As much as I loved Barney's blatant lack of an apology after smashing Ted's VCR, was anyone else surprised he didn't watch the tape? Maybe he didn't want to ruin what he has always pictured in his mind by seeing the real thing?

Also on the subject of flashbacks, the different versions of Ted and Robin's kiss goodbye at the door were fantastically done. They definitely made up for Ted's lame camping in secret line. 

I still think Barney and Robin end up together, but I'm sure there are many dissenting opinions on that subject, as well as all of the above, so let's open up the comments and have another great forum like last week. Last thing I'll say is that I liked how Ted and Marshall showed that it's never too early to meet a good buddy at the bar to talk about stuff over a couple glasses of flat keg beer.

Beer nuts, part of a balance breakfast. 


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@dmac We all love Ted. Without him there is no story. All others are secondary characters helping the story to move along. Also Josh Radnor portrays Ted's character marvellously. It is your annoyance with the character that shows how good a job he does :)


When was the last time we saw Barney crashing technical devices? It was in the episode called Benifit, when Ted and Robin were "friends with benifits". And now, when he heard about Ted and Robin-thing, he crashes the vcr.. just a thougt.


Am i the only one who doesnt like ted? the actor and the character are annoying. barney, marshall, robin and lilly are far better characters, theyre funnier, more interesting, and arent constantly bringing the group down.


I was thinking that maybe Barney is about to marry someone else (Karma, maybe?) but then something happens with Robin and stops the wedding. I had this initial idea when someone mentioned Lily saying "the bride wants to see you" to Ted, which did seem a little odd. Buuut the only thing that deters me from that theory was the fact that Barney says to Ted: "I picked the right tie, right?" Which makes me think it's Robin again. IDK what do you guys think? Something weird is gonna happen in that episode, I'm sure.


Robin and barney are my favorite couple :) Gotta love those 2


Does anyone suspect that Barney might end up with Karma?? If you go back to the end of this season's 1st episode, Lily comes in the room at Barney's wedding and she says: ' Ted, the bride wants to talk to you''s the confused look on Lily's face that you should look at, she almost finds it bizarre. If she had a confused look on her face, would it really be Robin?? Karma calling Ted to talk to him would be weird right, go look at the episode again, but i could be last thing, Barney never expressed the fact that Robin made him mad...he's never described it like that


I'm really kind of glad Ted and Robin didn'tgo back there. They were cute together but I think they broke up at the right time, and didn't end up getting boring. But I have to say I don't think Barney and Robin should end up together either. I just never liked them as a couple. I think Barney's at his best when he's single, kind of like Joey in friends.
But whatever happens I'm just so excited to keep watching! And I adore Lily and Marshall.


omg!!! it was stated in the first episode that robin is not the mother but infact the aunt. and for all of you who think ted divorces the mother, well that is just delluded as he is clearly still very smitten with his wife. As for barney's future wife, i think it is definitely robin, becos among millions of other reasons, in 'ducky tie' ted says,'she was right, it did'nt work' and we know that they all remained friends so the only solution to that is if barney married robin!!!!!! True story.


Robin needs to end up with Barney! And Ted needs to find the mom soon! I'm getting bored with this's taking too long and not getting even close! I feel sorry for the guy!


Thank God that there is already a closure for the whole T/R thing. But damn Marshall for saying "not yet". I mean clearly, Barney and Robin are endgame. It's pretty obvious because they have been dancing around the whole Barney/Robin thing for like almost 7 years now. It was pretty clear for me when I saw "Zip,zip,zip" and when Ted said that Robin isn't the mother that it's going to be B/R.
Sorry to all the T/R shippers out there. But if Robin is the mother, then I think that we would all look like fools here.Unless, the writers are also stupid. Which I think they're not. We have been watching this show for almost 7 yrs now. And then all along, she was the mother? WTF?! I wasted 7 years of my life looking like a fool. What up? I mean, come on! If it was Robin, the show should have ended at Season 3 or Season 2.

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