Modern Family Review: Dirty Little Secrets

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Even the closest of loved ones don't know every little thing about each other. In "Virgin Territory," those on Modern Family uncovered secrets both new and old that managed to shake things up.

Usually it's a raucous dinner filled with wine and martinis that leads to spilling secrets, but in this case brunch was all it took for the Pritchetts and Dunphys to get the ball rolling. While the old school secrets about Claire leaving the convertible top down in the rain, were certainly entertaining, it was the newer stuff that I really loved.

Phil and Alex

Modern Day Secrets
Claire fakes going to yoga in order to go to a shooting range. She finally let Gloria in and, naturally, she showed her that she could hit the bullseye on the first try. Why am I not surprised? What a great revelation about Claire. One would totally buy the notion that she goes to yoga to unwind. On closer inspection, a couple of namastes aren't going to de-stress Claire Dunphy, though.

Elsewhere, Cam faked a back injury to get alone time in Claire's house to find his tupperware. This one is just a duh. Cam would totally do that. But what on earth made him think that balancing on the silverware drawer could possibly be a good idea? That could barely support Claire's weight, let alone Cam's.

Hands down, the biggest secret in this episode was Phil finding out that Haley's not a virgin. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Maybe it didn't spark a lot of laughs, but I found it so realistic and touching the way they danced around saying what really happened by using analogies. Haley is a good daughter and Phil is a great dad.

The moment was going to be awkward no matter what. One thing I did find humorous, however, was that Claire dragged a confession out of Dylan. I'd be more scared of her than Phil if I were dating Haley! As far as Claire hiding this secret for three months, can't say I'm surprised.

While Jay finding out he never made a hole in one wasn't a funny moment, the stuff between him and Mitchell was very sweet. I like when they bond because they are both so stubborn and closed up.

Thelma and Luke-ise
What would an episode of Modern Family be without a few giggles?

First of all Manny's description of his crush was one of the funniest lines I've heard in awhile. Luke is really the comedy underdog of this series, though. Just don't call him crazy.

Lastly, the BEST part was when they rode past the girl's house going five miles an hour with gangsta rap blasting. And then backward again. Perfection. 

I found this episode to be the perfect combination of funny and heartwarming. It never hurts to add realistic moments in every once in awhile. That's what Modern Family is good at and I'm glad they embraced it so well this week. What did you all think? Hit the comments!


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no one has mentioned Lily getting the laughs at brunch (she is a great character and actor, timing is always good) and luke and manny plotting to take her down! that was truly funny. course everything in this show is just great. best sitcom in years. really miss Cougar town being with it. the awful and unfunny "happy ending's" is just sad.


@ModFam If you don't know what Statute of Limitations means, you should go back to elementary school.


i liked the episode! but how did everyone, including luke and manny, know what 'statute of limitations' meant? is it just me or is that term not that common of knowledge? anyways, definitely enjoyable overall.

Uss biddle dlg 34

Best and only watchable 30 min s*itcom on network television , even though I dvr and ff anytime the super annoying Phil character's face is on the screen. All the others are fine.... But compared to Californication, Big C, House of Lies, even can not be serious !!!!!

Sarah silva

I laughed so hard last night and again just now reading the review where you talked about Manny and Luke driving past the girl Manny was the best!
I liked everything about this episode!! They handled the virgin thing really well
One of the funniest parts was the doll that looked just like Alex...I knew before she turned her around it would look like her...if those dolls are really $200 that is nuts!
There were a couple comments made that I found funny but some may get offended by so I will not repeat them!


Wow. Those scenes between Haley and Phil kind of made my eyes leak a bit. This manner of understating the obvious has a power all its own - and speaks to the great writing for this series. Just when you think an episode is going to be predictable (ref: Claire not wanting Gloria to join in her "yoga") it comes up with something completely out of left field. I love the fact that Clair de-stresses by firing off guns. And it fits perfectly with her character. It's great that Gloria could join her in this too.


It was a pretty good episode. Not as funny as last week's but still good! I especially liked how Phil handled Haley. That was nice to watch.


Good (not great) episode but this season overall has been somewhat weak. Here's hoping this week's upward trend continues.


I loved this episode! Luke's cookie contraption was awesome.


I like the fact, the doll look like her !!!

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