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In a past review, I declared just how much fun I find drunk Claire to be. Well, "Aunt Mommy" quadrupled that and gave us a wine-fueled dinner between Phil, Claire, Mitchell and Cam on this week's Modern Family.

The last time we saw Claire wasted like that she was bitching out other moms and accidentally assumed Gilles Marini to be gay. If you thought that was bad, imagine the hangover she was feeling when she realized she'd offered to donate an egg to her brother and his partner.

A Drunk Quartet

Here, I love the way they cut and put together the bits of conversation to make the night flow hilariously. I liked seeing these four together on a double date. I feel like it's not often we see them bonding like this. 

As generous as it is to donate an egg, it's probably weird to donate one to your brother's partner. I know it's not technically inbreeding, as Jay said, but in their case... it kind of is. Claire would be the mother of her niece. It would just make everything one big blur with shades of gray, and gross.

Claire has such bad control issues, there's no way she would be able to step back and let someone else parent a kid that is biologically hers. Then, you throw in the kids and it's their sibling/cousin. Suddenly, I feel like we're talking about the community of Hotshot on True Blood. Also, when Haley says something is a good idea, you really have to second guess your decision.

Phil made a good point that Claire's eggs might not be super viable. But he also made the good point to try and pretend he never said that. Phil has the same problem with his verbal filter that I do. He hears things come out of his mouth that he immediately wishes he didn't say before he even finishes the sentence. I understand why Mitchell was uncomfortable as well.

That mash-up of Cam and Gloria's baby really did look freakishly like Manny. Hmmm... perhaps Cam donated sperm many years ago. Also, Ryan Gosling is so much hotter than Justin Timberlake these days, let's just get that settled. Don't get jealous Cam! Mitchell isn't the first and he won't be the last person to express his love for the the Drive star.

This episode definitely brought an interesting topic to the table. Gloria and Jay's fighting is nothing new, but maybe that's their form of foreplay. Also, Manny on the motorized scooter had me cracking up. He went down like a pile of bricks during that football game. Jay should've just steeped his tea and let them go to the theater!

I love how I learn something new every week."The Swirl" is an interesting idea and an interesting name. Leave it to Modern Family to introduce me to new terms!

So much good dialogue tonight it was impossible to include all of the quotes, but I jotted down a handful of the best lines. What did you all think of the episode? Was this funny or weird or a little bit of both?


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As a proud Appalachian woman, I want to thank you for not including that offensive comment. Sadly, it is being used by anti-gay proponents to support their agenda. The writers must be quite uninformed or they would realize that NC has an upcoming referendum of gay marriage. TN is trying to pass a law that homosexuality cannot be mentioned in schools until high school. Guess what mountain range runs through both states? Oh, and by pronouncing it Appalayshun, they offended the region, an entire university, and all the alumni!

Eludium q36

Good episode, but you left out one of the funniest scenes and under-breath quotes: the morning after their dinner out, Claire - disheveled with smeared makeup - laments "What was I thinking? I just get drunk and bring a baby into the world?" and Phil responds "That would be four for four". Then he stumbles "Besides, what are the chances your eggs even work?" quickly recovering with "What are the chances we can pretend I didn't even say that?" Good times.


@tahonia That was a dinner napkin, not a purse.


What will he call her Aunt Mommy?
How adorable!
Great line, okay, rude, but still. Good episode. I love how close Claire and Mitchell are; you don't see it all the time, but there are things that show it, like Claire picking up her purse with the eye roll and dropping it and MItchell immediately knowing that meant to have a meeting under the table. And Gloria know immediately that Jay had stolen the 4 pennies so the project could continue.
This is a good show.


So great! It's the first review I read because I just jump on the MF wagon since 2 weeks ago, when I watched all the episodes in a very small amount of time! I founded this episode to be amazing! I just loved Manny on the scooter in the kitchen and his look!


I thought "Aunt Mommy" was one of the best episodes ever! Touching, funny... this is my favorite show


The epidose was great. Everybody got a litle part. I liked the"swirl". Tje Cam,Clair bqby idea was terrible she is too controling for that. I would like for them to get a baby by end of season. Probably won't happen as in real life it takes years. KJay taking the pennies just show he can be soft.


How about the Appalachia comment? I don't believe people in appalachia appreciated that one. I noted you didn't include that one in your list of quotes.


I once again laughed so hard, I love this show
Best line of the night was when Gloria said "You're skating on thin eggshells"!!!
I loved the double date so funny! Then the morning after seeing Clair and Phil trying to remember what happened
I also like at the end when Lily came in and said "what's up daddies?" then she was cute
There is always a sweet element each episode and this time it was Jay telling Manny there were only 96 pennies so that he and Gloria could keep looking for pennies

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