New Grey's Anatomy Clip: Crash and Burn

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Yesterday, we posted sneak peeks of this week's Grey's Anatomy that showed the tension between Cristina and Owen. Now, in this latest clip from tonight's episode, she confronts him about giving her the cold shoulder.

She succeeds in getting back on Teddy's service, but is basically blown off.

Seconds later, she has something even more serious to worry about ...

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@Dexter Idolizer: Have you even watched the episode before if/then? Teddy and Christina's behaviour was really not ok. Owen's not a prick, he's the chief.


I'm I the only one that thinks it looks like Owen is pushing Cristina towards the car instead of away from it? I mean, from how I see it, she's first left of the car but it can still hit Owen should pull her to him more to the left..instead he makes her fall to the right more under the car o.O?


Off her service for two weeks? Wow. Owen really is a prick.


I suppose that this mishap will make Hhunt think, I couldn't bear it if Cris were dead, we need to work our marriage problems out, let's do therapy


Owen is under that car.

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