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Cooper, Charlotte, Erica and Mason head to Seattle Grace in hopes that both Amelia and Derek can save Erica’s life.

Back in L.A., Sam’s sister is feeling much better, but Sheldon believes that there is more to the story. At first, she seems to be back to normal but later falls back into a state of depression.

Meanwhile, Addison, Sam, and Jake help a pregnant woman who also recently had a heart transplant. Moreover, Addison confesses to Jake that what’s between them is not just physical.

Lastly, Scott wants to take his relationship with Violet to the next level while she would much prefer it to be just physical.

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It's a song called All Waters by Perfume Genius. :)


What is the music from this episode? Or at least what is the song during the brain surgery? A man is singing and I think it is a beautiful song but I don't know how or where I can find it.