Private Practice Review: Whatever Happens, I Have You

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It should come as no surprise by now. Private Practice has brought its A-game all season long, and Shonda and company delivered once again tonight with another strong installment, "Andromeda."

Sam continued to try caring for his sister, but her mental condition was making it quite a struggle. I’ll admit that I haven’t been entirely invested in this storyline simply because there has been far too much already going on in the past few episodes. However, this all changed when things got intense and Corrine struck Sam in the head with a candlestick holder and then fell through the window.

Addison on Andromeda

To say the least, I definitely didn’t see that coming. Another surprise was Amelia’s pregnancy. She’s been to Hell and back, and I expected that she would take a backseat after all that’s happened. Then again, I assume this would be a case where art imitates life – because word is Caterina Scorsone is expecting her first child. Congrats to the actress!

I’m looking forward to seeing if news of her pregnancy actually affects her relationship with Addison. By the way, how incredible was Sheldon when he said he’d be there for her regardless of whether or not she wanted to keep her baby? He cares for her so much, and I appreciated that he admitted he must work through his feelings and not hold them against Amelia.

There were two special moments that I enjoyed thoroughly:

  1. CharCoop – With Erica’s recovery taking a toll on Mason and Cooper, Charlotte tried to help out by hiring a night nurse so that Cooper could get some rest. I spent most of the installment frustrated with Cooper because I couldn’t figure out how on earth he was taking Charlotte for granted when she had been nothing short of amazing throughout this entire ordeal. Luckily, he finally came to his senses and apologized to her profusely and made it clear that he appreciated her more than ever. She is so unbelievably patient with him, and they are incredible together.
  2. Jaddison – Sparks seriously fly when these two are alone together. Though there were scarcely any Jaddison scenes, that single elevator moment was perfect. I loved that Jake told her exactly what he wanted – all or nothing – and that she’s not ready for him if she’s still pining over Sam. Addie made sure her intentions were clear and replied that she could get ready. On another note, I love that their story is taking time and slow in development. It’s obvious that Jake cares for her very much and he’s quite the gentleman.

I can’t say that I cared too much for the storyline of the pregnant patient with twins. I’ve always loved that Addie rocks when it comes to surgeries, but sometimes it feels like she is always successful. It’s become a bit predictable knowing that she consistently somehow manages to save the day, and this fact causes me to hardly ever be concerned or worried about her patients. 

Finally, it’s time for the Violet Annoyance Scale. I’m rating tonight’s episode a solid 7 on the VAS. It all began with her ridiculous discussion with Jake. First, she asked him about his position on casual sex. Then, she ridiculously hinted at knowing about Fiji. Honestly, she can be so irritating! I also have already grown tiresome of hearing and seeing all of the scenes with Violet’s sex life. We get it: she’s having the time of her life, but she’s also still very married. On another note, why wasn’t she just honest with Scott if she was clearly having second thoughts about their arrangement?

She did step up and finally told Pete that she missed what she had with Lucas and him. Apparently, the ball is in Pete’s court now as she’s ready for therapy, but he isn’t just yet. It’s getting harder to care about what happens to these two. The only truly redeeming factor for Violet that I will consider is the fact that she was able to get Cooper to see that he was taking his frustration out on Charlotte.

So, what did you think of "Andromeda?" Hit the comments below, and don’t forget to leave your VAS rating!


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Violet knows what she wants and will fight for it, she doesn't know what day it is and if sex is used as an answer she better see a schrink and pray for forgiviness from all the people she hurt.


Amelia's pregnancy was a shocker and I really hope her story is as amazing as her addiction story. To this day, eps 8 n 9 give me goosebumps. Obviously they wrote the story for Caterina but I think it will be good for her in the long run. And I really hope this will mean that her mother will visit her and Addie. Shonda HAS to reunite Momma Sheppard and Amelia. Violet did not annoy me. She realised what she wanted, what should be important to her and she should fight for it.


I am liking this season, its been one of the most emotional seasons yet, but like Grey's the episode was slow and was rather used to set up plots and stories to take us to the finale. I loved Addison doing her thing and being an awesome neonatal surgeon. I am definitely on team Jaddison. I feel that they have a better shot. Sam doesn't need more family and its gonna be hard for Addie to have a family with someone who doesn't want children. Sam is a great guy, but he isn't for Addison. Shonda needs to cast someone to be his equal and the person who gets him and wants to be with him the way he is.
That person was Naomi, but that relationship cannot be. Sonya was too soft and they had no chemistry. The Neonatologist from season 3 was too aggressive and idiotic for him. Addie wants different things.


When are we going to see a complete scene of Violet and Pete and not these quicky shots. Lets move on and get rid of Scott and get them back together again, we need to see more family oriented shows and enough of the separated sex shit.
All we have seen is a person who can't get her head out of her ass and blames everyone plus Pete for all her letdowns and sadness. And if she thinks sex is the way then there is really major problem, that doesn"t bring happiness when your all screwed up.


I am so put off by Violet I don't really watch when she's there. I don't even know why she + Pete are apart.
I love everyone else. It's a great season.


Well, once again I have to defend Violet. I do love the show and I do care about what happens to she and Pete.


What is taking ABC so long to do their show renewals? I know it's only February, but this time last year, they were already renewed for another season. Anyhow, again another good episode. And I love the tension between Jake and Addison. Finally, someone I can ship Addison with again. As for Charlotte and Cooper, I don't think Erica will get in the way. I just think Cooper's being Cooper and his priorities got all screwed up again after all this drama. Congrats to Griffin Gluck (Mason) for being bumped up to a series regular. It was cool seeing his name in the credits along with everyone else, and not with the guest stars.


So glad Addison had an elevator moment with Jake. He's obviously mature, a gentleman, and clearly wants the same things as she does. This is a no-brainer, and kudos for Addie saying she could get ready!


I see trouble heading for Charlotte and Cooper, and it's name is Erica. Remember, Erica only brought Mason into Cooper's life because she was dying and has no family; now that Erica is not dying she's going to decide she wants Cooper. I wish Cooper and Charlotte would have a baby, but that won't happen now that Ameila's pregnant, and E-online says their is hope for a Sammison baby (the network has put out a casting call for biracial twins.) I want Addison to have a baby, but with Jake, not Sam.


The actor who plays Corriine is amazing! She was also amazing on The Good Wife! All the actors on this show I appreciate! Violet is best in her job, she needs to be more confident in her personal life. AWESOME EPISODE!!

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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

The only reason I've been getting through this is because I know that whatever happens, I have you.


Jake: You're not ready for what I have to offer.
Addison: I could get ready.
Jake: That would be nice.