Private Practice Sneak Preview: Caring for Corinne

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Private Practice took a trip to Seattle Grace on Thursday, as Erica received the emergency treatment she so desperately required.

Next week, meanwhile, viewers will watch another loved one in need, as Sam does all he can to care for his sister. But will it be too late for Corrine? Her mental instability is growing worse.

Elsewhere: Sheldon learns of some life-altering news, while we keep moving toward Jaddison and Cooper rejects Charlotte's suggestion to seek assistance with Erica's care. Get an idea of what's to come on "Andromeda" via the following ABC promo:

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Caterina aka Amelia is in fact pregnant in real life and Shonda Rhimes has agreed to write it into the store line and once the baby is really here the baby will be on set with her... I think it's great they are doing this for her rather than it always be something bad happening to the character like on Grey's when Ellen aka Meredith "had a miscarriage" but truly was pregnant and they hid her belly all season.....


They are writing Scorsone's pregnancy into the show. It seems implausible and strange, but maybe they can make it work. Unfortunately, I think I know all too well what to expect from this storyline.


I dont know if she is even pregnant or not. I personally think it would be a great plot twist, and would love to see how Caterina would bring that story to life, but im not getting my hopes up. She could be saying that to get Sheldon off her back and to cover up for something else. Maybe she is drinking, and is trying to write off the sickness of a hangover with a false pregnancy in order to cover her tracks. And if she IS in fact pregnant, we can pretty much guarantee that something catastrophic is going to happen to her, as it does with every other pregnant woman on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Something is going to happen and her and the baby's life will be on the line. Either that or she will lose the baby. The only pregnancy and birth ive seen happen with no problem on either show is Bailey. Thus the cycle of Shondaland.


Amelia was actually in rehab for at least 50 days as evidenced by how that episode was done in "Day _" intervals. I personally wouldn't like it if she were pregnant. Amelia's kind of taken a backseat in terms of story development since her addiction arc ended but this doesn't seem like the way to bring her back. It's a little too much. Plus, there hasn't been any foreshadowing that something like this was even possible for the character so it's doesn't show very good plot development either. And god forbid that this would be the last season for the show, why make Amelia have a baby when this is really what they've been building up for Addison. Also, the whole Erica/Mason arc was probably there to shed even more light on the possibility of a baby for Charlotte and Cooper. They can't really expect three of the characters to go on and have babies in the last seven episodes, right?


Wow nice one out of left field, Amelia knocked up. Did she already know when she asked Addison to be her surrogate?
As for rehab Amelia was on in it 30 days not 2 months, it just seem's longer because of the massive hiatus break in filming. So Ryan died episode 9, rehab was episode 10 which ended with thanksgiving, so from 11-16 so yeah she is supposedly around 4 months pregnant totally feasible it's Ryan's.


amelia being pregnant will cause some drama on private practice and may be bring up the ratings, and be renewed for one final season nice to see Anica in another role other than Wendy Scott Carr


amelia pregnant what a curveball! they quite hided it well! Interesting how addison will react, cause destiny gave Ameilia a baby and not her! :(((((


Amelia? Pregnant? I'm not sure whether or not to be happy. I'm quite shocked. She'd have to be at least 4-5 months at least. 2 months in rehab and the following months that follow. Wow. Just wow. I think it would be great if she gave the baby to Addison, but considering (at least I think) it's Ryan's baby, I don't think she'd give it up. Wow. I'm just shocked. Nice plot Shonda.

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