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Sam tries to take care of his sister, Corinne, but her mental condition makes that nearly impossible. Meanwhile, Sheldon learns that Amelia is pregnant with Ryan’s baby.

The flirtation between Jaddison continues, and Cooper rejects Charlotte’s suggestion to seek outside help with Erica’s care. Violet and Pete both agree that they miss what they once had together – a family.

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I enjoyed your eitswbe and plan on being one of your best customers in the not to distant future. I liked the catalog however I was a little disappointed that when clicking on a particular item I was unable to get a closer view. Other then that I enjoyed it greatly.


Thanks It was making me crazy I couldn't remember where I knew her from.


She also played Daphne on True Blood that's where I recognized her from :) Oh and I don't know if this is why she is doing therapy but most places do require therapy before doing fertility treatments :)


she is Ashley Jones-Bridget from The Bold and the Beautiful


Who is the girl that's name is Danni that's playing the girlfriend to the pregnant lady on tonight's show 2/23/12. I know her face but can't remember what show she played in. I think it's a soap opera?


I really don't understand this whole therapy thing Addison has going. I really don't care about it, and it takes up precious time they could be doing something else relevant to the show in!

Private Practice Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

The only reason I've been getting through this is because I know that whatever happens, I have you.


Jake: You're not ready for what I have to offer.
Addison: I could get ready.
Jake: That would be nice.