Revenge Review: The Body On The Beach

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It took 15 episodes but we finally made our way back to Emily and Daniel's engagement party this week - and it was pure "Chaos."

How quickly things changed from one Wednesday to the next. Everything I thought after last week's episode got turned on its head here.  Well, almost everything.

Celebrating Her Engagement

Let's start with Grandpa Grayson. I thought I loved this guy. He was charming and funny upon his introduction. He took Victoria's side and chastised Conrad for not looking out for the family, but then it became clear that Grandpa's definition of family wasn't quite what I had thought.

It's more about the importance of the family reputation and how it will reflect on Grayson Global. He looked to oust Conrad and replace him with Daniel because Daniel's a fresh face and a clean slate. Since Conrad's such an ass, I could live with that.

But bullying poor Charlotte for the betterment of the company was despicable. The kid had her entire life turned upside down and with Declan's encouragement was making the smart decision to seek therapy. That was until Gramps came along and tried to convince her otherwise. And when he realized Charlotte was about to tell him to go shove it, he blackmailed her with Declan. That was low.

You have to wonder how much Grandpa really cares for Charlotte now that he knows she's not truly a Grayson. He certainly seemed more concerned about Takeda pulling his money than he was for his distraught granddaughter. 

And will Emily do something to help her half sis now that she knows the teenager is stealing prescription drugs? Let's hope Emily's heart makes an appearance some time soon.

On to Jack. I've never been a big fan. I especially thought it was hypocritical of him to give Declan a hard time about letting a drunk, overwrought Charlotte sleep it off at their place while telling his younger brother that it was okay for Amanda to burn down Treadwell's house because he deserved it.

But once Jack got that phone call and made the decision to go to Haiti I finally began to like him. His goodbyes to Declan, Emily and Nolan were heartfelt. I loved that he hugged Nolan like a true friend and nothing could have made me happier than Jack giving Emily back her dog, even if he didn't realize that's what he was doing.

I'm normally more of a Daniel fan but he was hard to like tonight. He made it so darn easy for Victoria to manipulate him. Emily has her own money, home and friends. Just because she didn't want to skip the continent to get away from his family shouldn't automatically mean she was marrying him for his money.

The Emily Thorne Stare

Granted, so she's really marrying him for revenge but it's not like he knows that.

The only thing I got right about this episode was that Tyler returned. It was the only way I could figure that Daniel didn't end up dead on the beach. Now... how exactly did we see Daniel fall to the sand and not Tyler? I'm assuming we'll get those details in the weeks to come.

Other things worth noting:

  • The picture of the dark rolling waves in the beginning were beautiful yet so ominous and the perfect visual set up for the rest of the episode.
  • Nolan prodding Emily to "Sail away. Fall in love. Go make little volunteer babies" was one of the best lines of the show. Very sweet.
  • Whenever I think I've got Amanda figured out she makes me question whether she is Emily's loyal ally or weakest link.
  • Does anyone else think Nolan needs a haircut?

So why doesn't Daniel remember anything? Will Jack get dragged into the murder plot or find Amanda and head to Haiti? Where will Takeda take Amanda and does he know who she is? 

Has Emily's plot for revenge spiraled into truly uncontrolled chaos? We've got two weeks until we find out more. Theorize away.


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xmeg816x : I don't think we are supposed to ship any couples... At first I really thought this was going to end up being another love triangle Jack/Amanda/Daniel but when Amanda got the fake Amanda in the game and Jack started having feelings for her this story was lost. Just as when Amanda played Daniel after she was going to break the engagement because Victoria accused her dad of raping her. Amanda is truly a one track woman, I think the closest thing she has of a real relationship is the one she is going to have with her dog which is the only one who recognized her when she came back...


Has it been established where fauxEmily's help-mates come from? What do they have in common?
Possibly they had relatives on the plane that crashed?


The story is repeating all over again, The women, the innocent men and the arrest in the house... Love the show and Emily's character for revenge. She seeks for revenge and she did not even see that she is turning into Victoria letting Daniel take the fault for something she brought on them. Love hos the show doesn't go the way we all expected in some sort of way and its always an OMFG moment (at least for me).


There is something fishy about Ashley! In previews episodes; we have seen a lot of her and I don't believe they would dedicate that much screentime for such a daft (from what we have seen so far) character.


Not a lot of new information/action but we have a lot of new questions/mysteries. I loved the 'volunteer babies' line. I loved that Charlotte said she'd prefer having her sanity. I loved "The only way to fight chaos is with chaos".


F*cking fabulous show! By far the most underrated show in all of primetime. I didn't even think I would like it and I watched one complete episode. How has it not earned even one award? The young cast in particular, beyond Stowe and the writing/production is top notch. I believe Victoria took out Tyler


I love this show, but the one thing I cannot stand is the whole Emily Jack thing. We are all supposed to want them to end up together but I rarely see any chemistry and lets be honest here they knew eachother when they were kids. They aren't the same people they were when they were children any feelings they had back then should not still be there. I mean I liked plenty of boys when I was a child, and I know I wouldn't still like them if I randomly saw them again its just weird. I love Daniel and I don't understand how Emily doesn't have feelings for him. Its really annyoing to watch a relationship where one person is so in love and the other one is using them. It makes it hard for me to really like Emily. and I mean there have been times when I thought it wasn't fake but they quickly have made it clear. I don't know I just want some real love between the two.


I wouldn't be surprised if Takeda wants Daniel convicted of the shooting and will scold his protegee if she wants him cleared.
I repeat that I think the real Amanda was actually talking about herself when she told Jack "someday Amanda will come back",though he took it as meaning the fake Amanda when he told her that.


It's also important to remember that Emily goes about exacting revenge in a non-violent manner. Takeda wants to aid emily, but follows her way of doing it without killing people, hence why he didn't kill Daniel. Him and Fauxmanda leaving removes the two other possible murder suspects and Daniel having blood on on his shirt leads everyone to the belief that he is the murderer and can result in his potential conviction. Takeda probs knows this. Emily's goal to destroy the Grayson family is thus begun without her having to kill anyone to do it. :) Also, I hate Jack. And I gained a little more respect for Fauxmanda after this episode. And how does Nolan know Takeda/what was up with their exchange?


I have to agree with most of what Leigh has said. However, I definitely disagree that Takeda would go so far as to protect Daniel knowing that Emily's goal is the ultimate downfall of the Grayson family. I think that either Takeda or Fauxmanda killed Tyler to stop him from revealing Emily's secret then Takeda took the key from Jack's truck to ensure that Fauxmanda would have to ask him for a ride. Also, didn't it seem like she knew who Takeda was? He actually slowed down for her without her having to flag him down. -To Be Continued-

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