Revenge Review: Opening Pandora's Box

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"Perception" is said to be more important than reality. What could be perceived from tonight's episode was that Emily's plot for Revenge has spun out of control.

When did Nolan become Jiminy Cricket? Nolan once again played the role of Emily's conscience and I hate it when that happens. Nolan's so much more fun when he's Emily's partner in crime. He was a bit dull as he lamented the plight of the mere mortals that were affected by Emily's schemes.

Did he have a point? Of course. There's been plenty of collateral damage along the way. But I prefer Nolan when he's smirking about Em being a bad girl as she sets houses on fire. He's ever so entertaining when he's plotting with his plan instead of trying to hold her back, even if it is for her own good.

A broken hearted Jack. But Nolan was feeling badly for newfound friend Jack. The guy had just gotten beaten up and lost the girl. What's a friend to do? Well, Nolan got him a big screen TV to watch either porn or Judge Judy. His choice.  We should all have someone like Nolan in our lives.

Unfortunately, softhearted Nolan took matters into his own hands and let Jack see that tape and that was when things began to spiral out of control.

Willian Devane on Revenge

Grandpa Grayson. I've been a fan of William Devane since he was on Knots Landing way back when, so I was thrilled to see him appear on Revenge. Grandpa Grayson was instantly a force to be reckoned with. He's powerful, charasmatic, has a way with the ladies and loves daughter-in-law Victoria... much to Conrad's chagrin.

When Victoria's affair and Charlotte's parentage was outed, the family patriarch came down hard on Conrad. Apparently the old man still held enough power to oust Conrad from Grayson Global and replace him with Daniel. But Conrad's not about to go down without a fight.

Back much too soon. Just when you thought we'd finally kicked Amanda to the curb... she's here again and more trouble than ever. Dragging Amanda back into this was a dangerous move. She's unpredictable, borderline psychotic and in love with Jack. 

It also sounded like she was done playing the role of Amanda. What happens when she decides to take back her true identity? The Hamptons isn't big enough for two Emily Thornes.

Side Notes:

  • Was it just me or was Declan not annoying this week?  I'm tempted to say he was almost cute.
  • Conrad proved himself an ass once again by both insulting and leering at Ashlee all in one breath.
  • Once again, the ladies' wardrobes were beautiful, but Victoria was particularly stunning in the white dress with the red details. 

Will we see more of Amanda next week and what is her plan for Emily's box of secrets? More importantly, who shoots Daniel and will he survive? Oh, yes, viewers, it's off the infamous engagement party next Wednesday night.


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I've just discovered this show and I love it! I'm surprised no one pointed out how heartbreaking it must have been for Emily to hear Jack saying everything she needed to hear for so long. He's the only one (except dear Nolan) who understands what she has been through and he wanted to stand up for her. He's the only one who reacts sanely to all of this (and in a world of cynical, cold-hearted liars that makes him an idiot). But what makes the whole thing amazing and cruel at the same time is that he wasn't thinking of her, he was defending the fake Amanda! And it's even more ironic when you think that he doesn't have a clue of what's going on. When Emily decided to take the path of revenge, she decided not to be a victim but also not to be able to accept any compassion or comfort from anyone as well. Jack gave her a little of that in this scene in the face of the very people who should have felt this way about her as a kid if they had some heart.


Can we find someone who does more than
simply state the obvious to do these reviews? Please?


@marlin - I am not sure why anyone would think that Jack is the one that is killed since in the first episode he clearly runs away and is hiding in the shadows in a black hooded sweatshirt when Declan and Charlotte run down to the beach and come upon the body. From what I remember, they seem to think it is Daniel.


I been really enjoying this show. This is the only show that I watch now that I cannot wait to tune into again.


I really miss her just crossing people off that photograph, lol but I can't wait for the episode where it all comes full circle with regard to the pilot ep.


I thought Tyler was in jail or the crazy house...unless he's on the run then I can see him wanting revenge on all of them and mainly Emily. And Nolan this week wasn't his lovable self....I love it when he is Emily's "Robin" but it was nice when he let Jack look at the tape in the name of friendship. I sure hope they don't kill Daniel off I like his character...I wish he had more backbone but I hope to see more from him. Plus he is a new face and new face is always good. Maybe he will just be handicap for a while and that will bring his bad boyside out....I mean he is Conrad and Victoria's son after all and its time he start showing it. Oh, whatever happen to Conrad's girlfriend? That house use to be her's. She could have taking the box and not Tyler. She was on to Emily maybe she did the shooting. I love this show it keeps me thinking!


I feel bad for Charlotte. I hate that she's the pawn in the centre of all of this. I'm glad (faux) Emily decided against the idea of allowing Charlotte to find out, but bloody Jack had to come in and ruin everything. This is why I dislike both Porters. They're both idiots.
I am glad, however, that he called out Victoria. The entire 'rape' idea is typical Victoria, but it was still a horrible idea. It would be bad enough for Charlotte to find out she had a different father as it was, imagine being the product of rape too? Very unpleasant.
I really hope that (faux) Amanda goes away. She's just annoying me so much. I found her interesting at first, but now she just ruins everything.
I still like (faux) Emily and Daniel together, but with next week coming up, I don't know if they'll actually last or what. Hopefully it's a dream that (faux) Emily has. I can probably see it turning out that way.


Wow this ep was hectic but also irritating at the same time! I loved William Devane as grandaddy Grayson. His relationship with Vicky was a nice twist in the story (than being opposed to her) I loved her creepy smile when Conrad was told that he was being sidelined. It was Fauxmanda that took the box. It could have only been her. Tyler did not see the box nor did Jack.
Jack irritated me beyond belief! I hope he is framed for Daniel"s murder! Emily has no reason to kill Daniel.


They show the real Amanda in her red dress putting a gun on a gunbelt on her upper leg. The very first show shows her brushing off sand off her hand right before Victoria asks her " where is my son Daniel" to Amanda. I think Tyler got the box, but I did not know that Jack knew that hiding spot as someone else mentioned. And since there was an invitation left there, we know they would not invite Tyler. So maybe Jack did get the box and found out what was going on. I had really hoped the real Amanda would end up with Jack but I guess Jack and the fake Amanda really care for each other.


In the pilot, Emily is shown brushing sand off her hand at the party, as if she doesn't want anyone to know she was at the beach. Also, Emily reacts strangely when Nolan says, "this is a good night for it". So it appears, Emily did not have anything planned for the engagement party. I would assume that Emily feels she needs a gun to protect herself in case FauxAmanda tries to do something to her. We know attorneys will soon be involved in the show, but they could just be for the divorce proceedings? Or, they could be for some other trial?

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