The Mentalist Review: A Heated First Kiss

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"At First Blush" was full of strengths and weaknesses, ranging from the trusted bond that's formed between Jane and Lisbon to Kimball Cho's slow slide down the road to addiction.

Let's start with this: I loved how Jane first observed Eve. The run in her stocking, the missing button, the fear on her face. She answered one question and convinced Jane she was innocent and then he couldn't let it go. 

That's the great thing about Patrick Jane. He has his flaws, but deep down he believes in right and wrong. He wants to see justice prevail.

Diane Farr on The Mentalist

What was even better was that Lisbon had his back the entire way. She even took the heat from the DA. Yes, Jane originally had to steal her sandwich to get her attention but once she saw that he was serious she was all in.

It wasn't all that long ago that Jane would have had to jump through a lot more hoops to get her on board. The trust between these two just continues to grow.

Did anyone else take note of Jane's lesson in lying? Liars are more likely to overcompensate and not contract their verbs? Really?!? I'll have to remember that the next time I'm trying to spot a liar, or tell a fib.

The murderer wasn't a shock, of course. The husband appeared so guilty at first that I knew he was too obvious - it had to be the partner.

What I did find amusing was when Eve told Amy that she had to reveal the truth in court. Right, because the woman who bludgeoned a man to death and framed you for it suddenly feels the overwhelming need to be truthful?!? But this was TV. She did, indeed, make a confession.

Back at the CBI, Rigsby finally noticed that Cho was popping way too many pills and said something too him. It's about time. His partner's in trouble. I don't know what the answer is but Cho needs help from someone, soon.

Will Summer be that person? When Cho said he'd wire her up for the undercover sting, I had to smile. Too bad we didn't get to see that scene.

But when Summer got hurt, Cho was scared and angry. He's normally so good at controlling his emotions, but not around Summer. It was so cute when he admited to liking her and in her small shocked voice she said, "you do?"

Then she kissed him, resulting in as much heat as happiness. But the best part was that when Cho's brain registered what was happening, he kissed her back.

We got a much needed break from the darkness of Red John this week. I love the story but a little goes a long way. Jane and Lisbon's friendship felt stronger than ever and Cho was feeling the highs of love in an elevator and the lows of pain and addiction. Who do you think will be there to save him?


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Summer's acting is asbolutely fantastic. I've been watching scene in the elevator many times.


I thought kimball has a girlfriend? the show never said about them separating before? so cho and summer would be an affair no?


Summer was a prostitute, but gave it up because she got paid for being a CBI informant. In one of the previous Summer episodes, she emphatically states that she isn't a hooker anymore. I believe her. I think she likes Cho and knows he wouldn't go for her if she was still hooking. She really is the best best ever side character, but I absolutely loved Hightower in the 'Gold' episode and the following episode 'Red Queen' we lost her. I hope I am wrong. And what the hell happened to Christina Frye?


I think it'll be Rigsby's GF that gets killed by RJ. Then Grace will come in and be there for him and bada bing bada boom, Rigspelt again xD. WEll I hope so anyway... or to spare Rigs the pain of loosing his GF and child, maybe have the GF say it's not his kid?

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Another flawless Mentalist episode. Gods, I love this show more and more with each week. Hopefully nothing bad happens to Summer. One of the most awesome side characters on this show ever. EVER. Also interesting development with Cho and painkillers. A bit cliched but lets see where they take it from here. ITs nice to see a different non-strict sid eof Cho too. Unlike some other comments, I LOVE the red john storyline. Its one of the main things that separates this show from other procedurals. It connects everything and has that twin-peaksy feel to it. I love it. Mentalist without red john plotline, just would not be Mentalist.


Anyone else think that Summer might become a victim of some kind soon? This is right around the time in the season where they make you like someone (last year with Hightower) and then either kill them off or write them off in some way. I hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised it she was killed by RJ...


I remember the first episode when Jane taunted the father who had muredered his daughter if he had killed her, the way he answered, emphatic denial and slight incline of the head to the righwas a sure sign that he was lying, any neuro-linguistic student learns to read these signs right off. I'm sure they must have a real mentalist on the set for that kind of realism, but it is sweet to have Simon so well display this with his acting skills, he nails it every time.


I too loved the scene with Summer and Cho, and correct me if I am wrong but wasn't she a prostitute? If this is the case. Then this is a little unbelievable that he would fall for someone like her. I do not think this relationship will go too far since it is not a good match.


Great episode; I've really enjoyed the Summer and Cho sidestory from the beginning. Any scene with Jane and Lisbon is always a winner.


Haha Great episode :) Very light compared to the ones before. Which is relaxing and irritating at the same time.
But the best was:
Jane saying to Libson : "I only want a smile". Her funny remark and the grinning Rigsby in the background was just too heartwarming !

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