The Mentalist Review: The Devil Will Find You

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Search for the devil and the devil will find you. "Red is the New Black" may have focused on high end fashion and the Chinese mob, but it was the Red John story that grabbed my attention.

But let's deal with the murder victim first. Or, perhaps I should say, the first murder victim. A secret room, a golden feather, and the biggest pair of bloody scissors I'd ever seen. This was right up Jane's alley.

The gold feather in Wyck Theissen's mouth turned out to be a great prop. It allowed Patrick Jane to stick feathers under people's chins throughout the entire episode. But as much as Jane tickled, he couldn't find his murderer. That was, until Lisbon noticed the shocked expression on model Sonya's face.

Red is the New Black Scene

I loved that Lisbon got to tell Jane that he was losing his touch because he had no idea Sonya was the murder. He defended himself handily, pointing out that he doesn't have to know who it is as long as he has the methods to figure it out. Listening to these two banter and tease one another is the highlight of any episode.

Watching Sonya bolt out the door in her lingerie and fuzzy slippers was almost comical, but when she asked Grace when she could leave to get back to her fashion show, that was creepy. I loved the look on Grace's face as it sunk in just how crazy this woman was.

Speaking of Grace, I was really impressed with how she handled the news of Wayne's impending fatherhood. Okay, maybe her exclamation of yikes! wasn't exactly polite, but it was certainly appropriate. However, she quickly noticed that Rigsby looked both terrified and a little sad. 

Grace seemed to realize that this wasn't his dream scenario for becoming a father and immediately stepped into the role of sympathetic friend. Most ex-girlfriends wouldn't handle that situation with quite so much... grace.

Now, on to the meat of our story. Agent Darcy wasn't buying into Patrick Jane's carefully laid out plot about Panzer's murder. The woman's no fool. 

What was interesting was how terrified Wainwright was when she told him she was reopening the case and needed the Red John files. Was he desperately trying to keep this quiet because of Red John's deadly history, because he fears there's still a mole in the CBI, or does he know something that we're unaware of?

Whatever his reasons, he was frantically working to keep Jane and Lisbon far away from this case. Of course, it didn't matter. Darcy was digging up clues as fast as Patrick was trying to bury them. 

I was impressed that Patrick didn't hesitate to get the CBI and FBI involved when it all went down. Rosalind's life could have been in danger and this was a chance to finally capture Red John. It was no time to go rogue.

So now I'm left with more questions. How did Red John know Darcy had been to see Rosalind? Which one was he keeping his eye on? Was there any other purpose for killing the morgue attendant than to send a message? And why wouldn't Rosalind stop playing that damned piano?!? 

Not only is Red John back but he's dragging Jane, Lisbon and the FBI back into this mystery. Who do you think Red John will target next?


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The cases vary in quality. I like all the new twists on the RJ storyline. Why's Wainwright scared/worried? What will Darcy do now? Darcy or Sarah are good candidates for RJ's next victim. Evidence Guy wasn't introduced for nothing I'm betting


Hmmm he could be all needed to explain it would be split personality and a really clever mind ... Jane definitely has both of those if you remember his conman days ... plus that epi where he had amnesia reaffirms this ... but having said that although that would be a greeeeeaaatttt twist it would be so for just a tiny bit and then it would be the end ... its way more interesting if red john is the moriarty to jane's sherlock. plus they can keep trying to up each other :)

Sue ann

It was pretty obvious quite a while back that Jane is not Red John. The deputy killed by Jane attended Thanksgiving dinner at Rosalind's house with his good family friend, Red John. He brought Jane to the house where he was imprisoning the twin he loved in the basement dungeon, intending to turn him over to Red John, who was upstairs smoking a cigarette. Jane discovered the Red John painting scrawled on the upstairs wall in Rosalind's house while trying to sweet talk her into giving up any information she had about Red John. He is not Red John.


Oops! Just got to watch this episode -- so there was somebody sitting there (yes, sitting there Jane-like, as a commenter said) while Jane was at the other end of the phone. I like twists like this -- where we can at last know they aren't going to try to turn Jane evil.


I think that Red John IS Jane but Jane IS NOT Red John.


I think the next RJ victim will be Rigsby's pregnant girlfriend. Very sad, very dramatic, but gets Rigsby off the fatherhood hook and drives the "find Red John" motivation into high gear for the whole team, not just Jane.


Is it just my imagination, or do you actually catch a glimpse of Red John's grayish hair when he is about to sit down shortly after Jane receives the call? If it is true, then either the actor is not the actual actor that will portray Red John later on, or Red John actually has gray hair.


@Mark -- To me they were hinting that the "current" Red John could be Jane, that Jane really killed Red John ... then started being him psycho-like. To me, that's what the producers and Simon Baker wanted us to consider even possible (for their fun with us). And, like I said in previous comment, I just think they're playing games, that they couldn't really twist the story like that for all the money they'd be giving up in future syndication. We all kind of take it for granted that Red John is still alive, that Jane didn't kill Red John ... but what if he did? What if Red John is dead? Just another twisty possibility.


Anyone who thinks Jane is red John is crazy. Not only is the prospect Of it stupid but also impossible. Did he kill his family, leave, then come back? He was captured by red John an he talked to him, and he was at CBI TALKIG TO ROSALIND WHEN SHE WAS TALKING TO RED JOHN!


@ pendulumswings
Red is the new black is a variation of a phrase commonly used in the fashion industry to describe the changing fashion seasons (kind of like what's in). Black was the 'it' color now it's red. Does that make sense? It's the new color of the fashion season. And it's red because every episode has some deviation of the color red in its title.

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