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The Secret Circle aired a decent episode last night, although it was one that left me screaming out for the most-overused phrase on television: game-changer. The show is in need of a game-changer, lest it drown its own darkness.

Enter the seemingly perfect man for the job: John Blackwell.

As was teased at the conclusion of "Valentine," Cassie's father has returned to Chance Harbor and will actually come face-to-face with the daughter he abandoned on next Thursday's February finale. Can Cassie really trust this man she hardly knows, especially when he asks for his medallion back?

Watch the official CW preview for the aptly-titled "Return" now:

Elsewhere: remember to visit our newly-updated Secret Circle music section!

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Oh, this one looked like fun. But isn't it always something that the circle has to go on a rescue mission for Cassie? Urgh.. The story NEEDS to move along now, agree with you on that Sa'ad702


The official episode guide says Adam will make the circle go on rescue mission! Hopefully they will use some magic, and burn this MF witch hunters to the ground( at least one or two)! i wanna see how talented they are with their magic! And we need a major cliffhanger like someone almost dying, cardiac arest or something!


I hope this ep is much more interesting than the last ep... the story needs to move along quickly...

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I don't know where to start. An entire childhood and adolescence of questions.


Everything I've done since the day of the boat yard fire was to keep you from being in the very situation you are in now.


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