The Secret Circle Review: That's the Devil's Spirit!

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It's the most over-used term on television, but The Secret Circle really needs a game-changer.

It's not even that nothing happened on "Valentine." Cassie learned important details about her father; Faye had hot sex with Jake; Melissa nearly overdosed; Adam nearly died; Lee introduced us to his comatose ex; Adam and Cassie totally got to first base.

It's just that none of these developments felt particularly fresh or engaging. They didn't leave me dying for next Thursday night to come around, like The Secret Circle's companion hour so often does.

Fun with Feathers

I know it's unfair, but it's also inevitable to compare The Secret Circle to The Vampire Diaries. Both are produced by the same team, air on the same evening, are based on novels by the same author. No series on television, of course, comes close to competing with TVD in terms of twists, turns and cliffhangers. So I'd rather not judge the former by the latter.

Still... that's what I'm gonna do for a few moments. Whereas storylines moves at a rapid pace in Mystic Falls, they spin their wheels in Chance Harbor. For how long now have we been hearing about Cassie's darkness, the mystery surrounding her father or even just been dragged along the path of Cassie and Adam sort of liking each other?

Granted, the final storyline took a big (sloppy, wet, romantic) step tonight; and John Blackwell finally arrives next week, so let's hope there's significant movement in that major arc. I'm just anxious for an OMG moment or two, such as the one we were all treated to months ago when Nick died. Now that was a game-changer! That made me believe anything could happen and no one was safe.

Since then, eh. Not much overly shocking has really done down and everyone has been safe.

The older generation, none of whom were present this week, are also a prime example of water treading on The Secret Circle. Do we know anything at all more about their plan now than we even did on the pilot? Charles and Dawn want to get their powers back for some unknown reason and often disagree about the ways in which do that. There. I really did just sum up the progression of that storyline over the course of 14 episodes.

So, yes, let's all agree that a lot is riding on next Thursday's "Return." We need some significant developments, a new exciting direction for the show to go in that doesn't just include talk about the dangers out there, but action and consequences and suspense beyond meetings in the dark on the pier.

I don't want to be entirely negative, though. There were definitely some enjoyable aspects of "Valentine." Diana on the Devil's Spirit? Hilarious. Faye and Jake in their skivvies? Not unattractive. Some fleshing out of the dynamic between Faye, Melissa and Diana? Helpful. Lee making plans to help his comatose ex? Sort of interesting, I guess. I just can't get into that character and how he both randomly appeared and now randomly brings Faye supernatural items.

I've also been led to believe that girls are topless during their female-only slumber party pillow fights. Was that an incorrect assumption on my part or a continuity error on the episode?

What did everyone else think? Are you satisfied with the pace of The Secret Circle? Or are you hoping for the game to change in a big way when Cassie's father arrives in town?


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I enjoy the show, but am getting tired of Cassie "secretly" dashing off to find another clue about her dad. How many times does she have to be rescued to see how stupid that is. Maybe that is her dark mgic, putting everyone i danger.
As others have said, how would Cassie have gotten in that wreck and not even have a hair out of place after? At least give the girl a limp for crying out loud! And, oops, just got a wreck, but lets go have dinner and make out after fighting for our lives...someone will take care of the car.
Amazing how there is no adult around at anytime. Faye sleeps over at Jake's and then has a sleep over at her house with no adult asking any questions? Nice....


Agreed! The best thing about the show in my opinion is Faye, and Phoebe Tonkin is carrying her role very well. The others...not so much. I don't like Adam and Cassie's acting at all, Melissa is all right, and I cannot stand Jake. I watch the show hoping that things will get more interesting in Chance Harbor but so far they haven't. I'm really hoping they do because the premise of the show is good, they just need better storylines.


i only have one word for this stuff..
Every character, the whole storyline, nothing really works..
They need a whole new cast..Maybe a triangle like Damon, Katherine + Stefan..
The whole cast bores me to death..Adam looks gay (sorry man, nothing against you but you should be a hot girl-love-interest), Jake act without any facial-expression in his face, and Cassie is sweet but nothing else..
Nothing, really nothing works..


Agree with the above review especially "We need some significant developments, a new exciting direction for the show to go in that doesn't just include talk about the dangers out there, but action and consequences and suspense beyond meetings in the dark on the pier" lol, so true.


I enjoyed this episode. It was scary and suspenseful. I especially love that Adam and Cassie are exploring their feelings now and had a valentine's day date. I liked how he tried to come to her rescue from the witches, and she only cared about him when possessed and destroyed the medallion to save him. She also showed it's Adam who has her heart and not Jake, and used her powers to fling off Jake when he tried to keep her from saving Adam's life. And Jake had to watch while they hugged lovingly. There you go. Jake and Faye are perfect for each other. Cassie and Adam have chemistry and love that will keep growing. And I loved their last scene when they kissed at end after he wiped her tears and said she's amazing and not like her father - so cute together.


I agree, they either have to change the game or the name and turn it into a "Cassie Blake" show. I mean, seriously, it's always about Cassie, and HER powers, and HER father. The show is called "The Secret Circle". All the coven members serve only as supporting characters for Cassie (I don't really count the Devil's Spirit as a storyline, and hopefully Lee will be able to create some resemblance of a SL for Faye, though for now it's not really a SL). Where the hell is the power of the circle? Where are the spells, potions, and other witchy stuff? Everything we get for now is more Cassie and her convoluted storyline.


I loved this episode. It was great seeing Melissa and Diana in the devils spirit and the best part when they where on it was them using magic in the pizza guy to make him hot then Diana making out with him. It was cool seeing Cassie being haunted by old witches that her father killed and stole magic from. It was awesome seeing Adam possessed by all the old witches. I can't wait till the next episode it looks amazing I mean we finally get to meet Cassie's father that episode should be amazing.


Thank you! Totally agree - it was an okay episode and stuff happened, but at the end of the hour, I just felt "meh." It definitely suffers in comparison to VD (a lot of things would considering how quickly they burn through plot), but Secret Circle seems somehow slow and obvious. I still enjoy it enough (or at least when Adam isn't nagging or Melissa is...well, on screen), but I want them to DO something. You know they're saving everything for the finale. Sigh


Ugh! I agree totally with the review.

Strawberry fields

Adam made me laugh for the first time in the history of this show, when he mocked himself. "That's so random…?" :D:D:D that was like my favourite Adam scene ever. The ghosts were pretty cool. Well, obviously Cassie was stupid to follow them in the first place, but the rest of it was cool. And Jake teaming up with Adam to go on a rescue mission was pretty great too. "Coming, lover boy?". Jake really is getting better. Obviously, despite the kiss, I'm still Team Cake.

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