Fun with Feathers
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On The Secret Circle this week..

- Melissa took too much Devil's Spirit and almost overdosed, but both Diana and Faye were there for her.

- We saw a glimpse of Lee with his comatose girlfriend. He brought some kind of charm to her bedside, something to ward off evil spirits.

- Isaac returned and told Jake the medallion was dangerous because it contained the powers of thousands of dead witches, all killed by John Blackwell. After a near-death experience, in which they possessed Adam, Cassie destroyed this medallion. She also ended the episode by making out with Adam.

- The final shot of the hour, though, was of a hand that belongs to Cassie's dad.

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It did feel as though this week's episode was a bit light - although the Cassie ghost stuff was for the most part enjoyable (not that invisible strangulation in the car - poor Britt for having to do some of these scenes). Not impressed with anything Melissa does, though mildly intrigued to see what happens with Faye and Lee (will the comatose girlfriend suck up her energy or will she possess Faye?) Excited to see what Blackwell brings to the show next week.